Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10th 2014 Transmission

Yeom@ danced naked in the club room of the orgy. A hologram projector on the ceiling pasted a glitter cloud onto her tanned body. Her black hair spun around her head in time with the music.

Others danced naked on the dance floor while couples fucked in the side booths. A guy danced closer to Yeom@ but she turned away from him. This was her 15th favorite song and she wanted to focus.

DJ Nebula-Scream cranked the music up. Yeom@ wondered how the cyborg had been able to play music for six years straight. She offered to give him a blowjob last Gravday but he politely declined. He wasn’t here for the sex, he was here for the music.

Yeom@ was here for both. The music permeated her skin, her muscles and her many cybernetic receptors. The software turned the music into tactile sensations. She felt the wail of the singer in her nipples. The low notes created phantom kisses on her ass. The high notes licked her vussy lips. The beat, well the beat just fucked her.

The music changed. A familiar riff filled the dark club room. Yeom@ felt a wonderful flicking of her clitoris.

It was her 3rd favorite song.

Yeom@ sang with the opening verse. 

“Love is everywhere, everywhere but me.”

A shudder ran through her body. She felt a simulated cock enter her vussy. Her hips moved to fuck the cock that only she could feel.

The guitars kicked in, followed by the mass-drums followed by the sphere-tar. Yeom@ kept dancing as more sensations washed through her body. She felt phantom hands grab her bouncing tits. An unseen cock entered her ass. Tender lips kissed her mouth.

She looked at the dance floor. A guy with similar implants ejaculated onto the floor. A cleaner-bot weaved between dancing feet and scrubbed the floor. One couple were dancing while penetrating each other and as long as they stayed on their feet they wouldn’t be asked to leave. One woman stroked herself as she danced and Yeom@ wondered if she was too poor for enhancements.

The singer sang and Yeom@ knew every line by heart.

“My heart is a black hole where no love escapes.
Why can’t I find someone to love?”

Yeom@ had no need for love but for the length of this song she did. The music reached deep down inside her heart as well as her vussy. She screamed out the paean to loneliness with an emotion she wouldn’t feel by the next song.

The music drove her body wild. Her nipples ached from bites no one could see. The ghostly cocks in her ass and vussy worked together to fuck her. Hungry mouths nibbled up and down her neck.

Yeoma@ came with the crescendo of the sphere-tar. She screamed her orgasm on the dance floor while her body kept dancing.

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