Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11th 2014 Transmission

Maymon enjoyed the handjob from the blue alien. The alien was sucking someone’s strut but she was nice enough to jack Maymon as well. Maymon returned the favor by playing with the alien’s three tits.

As nice as the handjob was, his attention was elsewhere. Across the orgy, a pale woman with long thick black hair was biting down on the neck of a man. The man’s strut was hard and throbbing but no one was touching it. The woman wiggled and writhed beside the man as she drank his blood.

Beside them, a Security Drone hovered. It monitored the man’s life signs and was ready to intervene if he reached a critical stage.

The woman was a hemavore. In ancient times, she may have been hunted down and killed but this was an enlightened age. Consuming another being’s blood was just a detail of life. Now she was just another sentient in a race of wonders.

Maymon licked his lips. The woman had a wild beauty. Most hemavores were formal and elegant but she looked like a primitive throwback. She had the same pale skin as all hemavores but her long hair was thick and free flowing like a mane. Her vussy was a thick bush of black hair. Rough tattoos of bats covered her body in a mockery of the legends about her kind. Her pale ass clenched as she sucked the blood from the man beneath her.

He gave the blue alien’s third breast a last squeeze and slowly pulled away from her hand. It was a fantasy of his to try hemavore vussy but never had the courage. He had no desire to feel his blood leak away from his body. Perhaps if she was already feeding, it might be safe to try.

Maymon approached the woman. The Security Drone surveyed him and ignored him. The woman’s red eyes darted to Maymon. Her lips curled into a warning snarl which was impressive considering how her teeth were still imbedded in the man’s neck.

“May I fuck you?” he asked.

The hemavore woman laughed and blood spilled from her mouth and onto her prey. Her legs curled up under her and lifted her ass. She winked in assent.

Maymon took his place behind her. The beauty of her pale ass beckoned. A tattoo of a bat glared at him with red eyes. The thick pubic bush sprouted from between her legs. He guided his strut against her wiry hair, pushing through it until he touched her vussy lips.

The outside of her vussy was cold. It was to be expected. He pushed and slipped inside her. Frozen slickness greeted him. He groaned as his strut was sheathed in ice.

Maymon felt her clench around his strut. It was cold inside her, but also so slippery and tight.

The hemvore kept feeding. It would be up to him to fuck her.

Maymon fucked her from behind. He gripped her cold hips as he pumped her. Cold vussy juices dripped down his strut and onto his balls.

The hemavore groaned. Or maybe it was the man she was feeding from. Maymon couldn’t tell.

He fucked her. He fucked a woman as she drained the blood from another being. He fucked a forbidden cold vussy that felt so unnatural and yet so good.

Maymon wondered if he would come before she finished feeding. He wondered if he could finish before she decided to feed on him. He wondered if it was even possible to come inside something so cold.

He realized he would just have to keep fucking and find out.

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