Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15th 2015 Transmission

Fimmix died last solar cycle. An automated loading machine infected with Squix programming crushed his body during an attempted sexual mounting. It was a horrible and brutal way to die. The morticians assigned to his body all had to undergo extensive therapy. 

One solar cycle later, Fimmix decided it was time to give sex a try. He had undergone extensive resurrection physical therapy and his body was mostly functional now. He wasn’t as fast as he used to be but the pulmonary motors in his chest gave him nearly infinite endurance. His skin was cold but the preservation fluids gave his muscles more definition than he ever had in life. Physically, he had a lot to offer sexually.

Emotionally though it was a tough sell to get someone to fuck the dead.

That is why Fimmix had come to the orgy. With his wealth he could have hired a sex worker but his therapists told him a non-commercial sexual interaction would be better for his health. Here at the orgy, he was bound to meet someone who was willing to fuck a deceased man.
He didn’t have high hopes. Resurrection technology was relatively new and there were a lot of misconceptions. Some aliens believed the dead were possessed by evil computer spirits while other races believed the dead were the first sign of the Apocofuck. There was a nasty rumor going around that fucking a resurrected person could infect a living person with a terminal illness that would make them a ressurected.

Mostly though, other beings just thought the resurrected were damn creepy.

Fimmix walked slowly through the orgy. He was nervous and he wanted to take a deep breathe but that was impossible since he didn’t breathe. He felt beings look at him and he wanted to cover his pale skin. There were gasps of horror and he wanted to close his unblinking eyes.

This was a mistake. He shouldn’t have come.

“Welcome, friend,” a woman said. She was a curvy brown woman with long thick black hair. A symbol of the Great Bang hung on a necklace above plump breasts. He realized she must been some sort of Priestess.

“Thank you, but I don’t feel welcome,” Fimmix said. “I think I should go. I’m upsetting people.”

The woman shook her head and opened her arms. Fimmix was stunned as she stepped forward and embraced him. She was shorter than him but relaxed into her body. She was so warm! He felt the heat of life within her but there was something warmer in her arms.

“You belong here. Every being deserves happiness and pleasure,” the woman whispered.

Femmix was surprised to discover he could sob. He hadn’t cried since he was resurrected.

“Name your pleasure and I will give it to you,” the woman whispered. “A blowjob? Maybe you want to fuck my breasts? Or what about a good simple fuck?”

Fimmix knew what he wanted. “Can we keep hugging?”

The woman squeezed him tighter to her accepting body.

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