Friday, February 27, 2015

February 27th 2015 Transmission

“Did you see that?” Dees asked. “That guy just fucked some small floating ball! It’s on channel 728.”

@pollo grunted. She wasn’t sure if it was a yes or a no. The important thing was that he didn’t slow down as he fucked her from behind.

Dees looked up from her screen to look at @pollo’s. He was watching a robot woman give handjobs to two Murpian males. Their thin blue struts looked tiny inside her metal hands.

Okay, that was pretty hot too. Dees pushed back against @pollo’s strut while he fucked her. Their bodies fell into a familiar synchronization that came from years of being together.

All around them were the flicking screens of the voyeur room. Sentient beings masturbated or fucked while watching live cameras stationed around the orgy. Dees used to like fucking other beings but she had reached the point where she rather have @pollo’s perfect strut inside her. The voyeur room was a good compromise as it allowed her to enjoy the sights of the orgy while sticking with her favorite strut.

As @pollo pounded from behind, she watched a dominant dark woman spank and tease a bald pale female. The bald woman writhed on the dark woman’s lap. Her ass was bright red and her vussy glistened with desire.

While Dees sucked on @pollo’s strut, he watched an armored robot risk its penile attachments deep inside a busy Yazimite’s ass. The woman shook her long dark hair as the robot penetrated deep within her.

When @pollo ate Dees’ ass, she watched two Gillians lick each other deep in the pool. They formed a perfect circle of long green hair, kicking fins, mouths and vussies.

When Dees rode @pollo’s strut, he watched a purple Xex violate every hole of a four armed green woman with its many tentacles. The woman thrashed and moaned while also stroking some of the tentacles with her talented four hands.

When @pollo made Dees climax, she watched a group of short green aliens take turns fucking an orange feline humanoid female. The cat woman kept her ass high in the air, her tail flicking back and forth.

When Dees made @pollo come in her mouth, he was watching a curvy woman with purple hair washing herself in the hygiene room. Her breasts were covered in mysterious tattoos and soapy lather.

Dees climbed onto @pollo’s exhausted body. Together they snuggled on the couch. They flipped camera channels to find someone new to watch as their bodies recovered.

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  1. You have no idea how fucking much I love this! I read it all out loud to Apollo.

    xx Dee