Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28th 2015 Transmission

Zoa was a mess. Her violet hair was sticking together from where someone had climaxed on it. Bruises covered her heavy tits. Her vussy lips were numb from the relentless fucking she had received from some robot she barely knew. On top of that, every inch of her body was covered in sweat, grime and sex fluids.

She stumbled into the hygiene area. Steam filled the area along with the smell of disinfectants. Most of the beings she passed were alone but of course some of them were fucking each other. Even here, at the last place that beings had to pass through before exiting, people were taking the opportunity to fuck.

Zoa found an empty stall and stepped in. She waved her hand over the hot stream sensor and the shower began. Hot purifying liquids doused her from above.

“Fuck,” Zoa sighed. The heat soothed her sore muscles. The liquid flowed down her head and onto her tattooed breasts. It cascaded over her tits and onto her stomach and down to her hairy vussy. She felt cleansing lather slide down her tired legs and onto her unsteady feet.

It had been a good time in the orgy today. She had lost count of the struts that had fucked her vussy. Her lips still tingled from all of the vussies that she had licked. Her fingers kept curling to stroke struts that weren’t there.

She started to wash herself. Her body was exhausted but the sooner she got clean the sooner she could go back to her residential bunk. The purifying liquid was full of soapy self-scrubbing lather that should clean her body on it’s on but Zoa liked washing herself. She couldn’t keep her own hands off her self.

Zoa wondered what the Coven of Bliss would think of her adventures today. She had fucked her two hundredth species today and that would earn her another badge. She looked down at her tits and wondered where to get the badge tattooed.

She lifted her breasts and rubbed underneath them. Her fingers scrubbed her nipples and she winced at how tender they were. She had a dozen bite marks and all of them belonged to a different treasured memory.

Perhaps today’s sexual achievements would be the ones that convinced the Elders of the Coven of Bliss to allow her to join the higher circles. Today might be the day she learned the Secret Fate of the Angel-Exhibitionist Maria. Maybe she would learn the Mysterious Lesson of the Turtle Cult. At this point she would settle for the ultra secret True Name of the Pornicorn.

“Fuck!” someone yelled from the next stall over. Zoa giggled but she didn’t look. She knew the sound of an orgasm when she heard it.

She reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She held her buttocks apart so the cleansing liquid could run over her asshole. Shivers went up her spine as she remembered the rather hung feathered alien that fucked her ass.

Zoa smiled. The feather alien had screeched the entire time he fucked her. His talons had dug into her shoulders while he rammed her. When he finally climaxed, he had pulled out and sprayed a heavy load onto her back.

A familiar heat returned to Zoa’s sex. She laughed with exhausted disbelief. After all the sex that she had been through today, her body wanted more.

Zoa reached between her legs. Why not? Her fingers pushed through her thick vussy hair, soapy lather and tender lips. She slipped two fingers into herself and stroked.

She leaned to the side of the shower stall. The shower head tracked her and directed the spray onto her body. The stream continued to rain down on her breasts and vussy. The soapy bubbles tingled as they flowed down the curves of her body.

Zoa moaned. Struts of all shapes and sizes had used her body today. Numerous females had climaxed on Zoa’s tongue or fingers. Today had been a long parade of sensation but what she needed right now only she could provide.

She stroked harder. One hand went to her tender breast and squeezed. She pinched her nipple as her fingers buried deeper inside her sex.

The hot soapy liquid fell on her like an endless stream of climaxing struts.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Zoa babbled. The aches and bruises of her body were secondary to the pleasure between her legs. Each stroke banished away more exhaustion.

She was going to come. The orgasm swelled within her like a solar flare. She stroked faster as she tried to summon the bliss that was on the edge of her event horizon.

In one moment of perfect clarity, Zoa realized that she had spent many days in the orgy seeking badges, achievements and wisdom but not nearly enough time seeking personal gratification.

Zoa climaxed. She came harder than she had in weeks. Her scream echoed through the hygiene room.

When she finally stopped stroking, Zoa let out a long sigh. She felt reborn. There was no more soreness or tiredness. There was only her body.

She turned off the shower head and activated the air dryer. A super gust of air blasted her. She was dry in seconds.

Zoa walked out of the stall. The exit was only a few meters away. She turned away from it and went back towards the orgy.

She wanted to earn her own satisfaction. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

February 27th 2015 Transmission

“Did you see that?” Dees asked. “That guy just fucked some small floating ball! It’s on channel 728.”

@pollo grunted. She wasn’t sure if it was a yes or a no. The important thing was that he didn’t slow down as he fucked her from behind.

Dees looked up from her screen to look at @pollo’s. He was watching a robot woman give handjobs to two Murpian males. Their thin blue struts looked tiny inside her metal hands.

Okay, that was pretty hot too. Dees pushed back against @pollo’s strut while he fucked her. Their bodies fell into a familiar synchronization that came from years of being together.

All around them were the flicking screens of the voyeur room. Sentient beings masturbated or fucked while watching live cameras stationed around the orgy. Dees used to like fucking other beings but she had reached the point where she rather have @pollo’s perfect strut inside her. The voyeur room was a good compromise as it allowed her to enjoy the sights of the orgy while sticking with her favorite strut.

As @pollo pounded from behind, she watched a dominant dark woman spank and tease a bald pale female. The bald woman writhed on the dark woman’s lap. Her ass was bright red and her vussy glistened with desire.

While Dees sucked on @pollo’s strut, he watched an armored robot risk its penile attachments deep inside a busy Yazimite’s ass. The woman shook her long dark hair as the robot penetrated deep within her.

When @pollo ate Dees’ ass, she watched two Gillians lick each other deep in the pool. They formed a perfect circle of long green hair, kicking fins, mouths and vussies.

When Dees rode @pollo’s strut, he watched a purple Xex violate every hole of a four armed green woman with its many tentacles. The woman thrashed and moaned while also stroking some of the tentacles with her talented four hands.

When @pollo made Dees climax, she watched a group of short green aliens take turns fucking an orange feline humanoid female. The cat woman kept her ass high in the air, her tail flicking back and forth.

When Dees made @pollo come in her mouth, he was watching a curvy woman with purple hair washing herself in the hygiene room. Her breasts were covered in mysterious tattoos and soapy lather.

Dees climbed onto @pollo’s exhausted body. Together they snuggled on the couch. They flipped camera channels to find someone new to watch as their bodies recovered.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26th 2015 Transmission

Tergin watched the busty woman ride the Marfiz’s strut. Little quakes reverberated through her plump tits. She appeared to be talking to herself and even though he couldn’t hear her across the crowded orgy, he just knew that what she was saying was filthy.

He debated going to her and offering his strut. He wasn’t as hung as the Marfiz but maybe she would want something in her mouth. Shit, he would settle for a handjob if he got to watch those tits from a closer angle.

Something beeped at him. He looked down to see a floating ball down by his hips. The blue glow of an antigravity field kept it afloat. The top portion of the ball seemed to be glass and he saw something purple and squishy inside.

“Hello?” Tergin said. Was it some sort of really small craft for an even smaller creature?

The ball beeper. A small circular hole opened on the ball. It came close to the tip of his strut and stopped. The hole was aimed right at his erection.

“What, you want my strut?” Tergin said.

The ball beeped and bounced up and down.

Tergin frowned. What was this thing? He squinted at the dome top but he couldn’t make out any features on the purple organism pulsing inside. He had no idea what was asking him to stick his strut inside.

He shrugged. When at Pleasure Station Sigma, you might as well try new things.

He aimed his strut for the hole. The small ball hovered forward and took his strut inside it.

“Oh!” Tergin cried out. Something hot, slick and tight enveloped his strut. He felt clenching muscles tighten and massage the length of his erection. There might have been something like a tongue licking the tip of his strut but to be honest, it could have been anything.

The ball moved back and forth on its own, slowing fucking Tergin’s strut. It was a slow pace and he was tempted to reach down and grab the ball but who knows how the thing would react.

He looked back at the busty woman. She was leaning forward and lifting her hairy vussy up from the Marfiz’s lap. Up and down her vussy went and the face she made told Tergin how much she liked it.

A gurgling sound came from the ball. Tergin felt something slither around his strut. There was a fizzy sensation against the base of his strut.

He had idea what the fuck was going but he was throbbing hard inside the floating ball. The purple thing under the dome thrashed and Tergin felt the grip tighten on him. He wondered if he was inside the thing’s sexual orifice or maybe its mouth. Shit, maybe he really didn’t want to know.

Tergin looked back across the orgy. The busty woman had dismounted from the Marfiz and was stroking him off. She dangled her heavy breasts above the strut she jacked. The Marfiz ejaculated and splattered the woman’s tits.

“Great Bang!” Tergin cried out. He released his seed inside the ball. The thing squeezed him in pulses, milking his seed out of him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25th 2015 Transmission

Sarah moaned as she watched the Wuat come. His strut was barely visible between a human woman’s tits but the large amount of seed he produced was visible from across the orgy room. The woman looked surprised but she soon opened her mouth to let the geyser fall between her lips.

“That is how you do it,” Sarah said. She slow grinded on the alien strut she was sitting on. The Marfiz male beneath her moaned. He babbled something but Sarah wasn’t listening. There was a call coming in.

<Receiving Transmission>

“Hello, this is Sarah,” she thought. The implant in her head translated her thought into a tight beam transmission to a nearby asteroid belt.

“Hey,” a shy voice replied. “My name is Rhak. What are you wearing?”

Sarah didn’t mind the bluntness of his question. Most of her customers were asteroid miners who spent months if not years alone among the floating ores. Small talk was the last thing these lonely miners wanted to engage in.

“I’m wearing nothing unless you count the come on my lovely plump tits,” Sarah said. Her tits were currently seed free but she was inspired by the sight of the Wuat’s recent ejaculation. It was the main reason that she was in the orgy room; it was a constant source of inspiration for her job as a Transmission Courtesan.

“Oh fuck,” Rhak groaned. She could hear him stroking loudly. Again she wasn’t surprised. At nine hundred credits per second of transmission, miners often wanted to maximize every second.

“I wish you could fuck me right now,” Sarah said. “My vussy is so wet and it needs a hard strut like yours inside me. I would lay you down and lower my hairy vussy onto your hard strut. I would slip you inside of me as I settle my weight onto you.”

Rhak groaned louder.

The Marfiz she was sitting on grabbed her hips and squeezed. Sarah instantly added it to her narrative.

“Oh Great Bang, I can almost feel your hands grabbing my hips,” she said. “I can feel your fingers holding on tight while I grind on top of you. I am clenching down hard on your strut. Can you feel it?”

“Yes,” Rhak groaned.

 The Marfiz beneath her groaned as well. Sarah bit back a giggle.

“Fuck me,” Rhak whispered.

“Oh yes,” Sarah moaned. She reached down and grabbed the Marfiz’s green legs for support. Her pelvis grinded in a slow rotation on top of the alien’s lap. She clenched as tightly as she could as she rode the hard strut within her.

“Mmmm,” Sarah moaned.

“Yes,” Rhak gasped. She could hear him jacking his strut furiously.

“Ohhh,” Sarah groaned. She picked up the pace of the humping to help her moan louder.

“Yessss,” Rhak hissed.

“I wish you could see me,” Sarah moaned. “I want you to picture my big heavy breasts bouncing as I ride you. I want you to imagine my cheeks flushing as I fuck you as hard as I can. I get so wet helping out horny miners. Can you feel how wet I am? Can you feel how tightly my vussy is holding you? I want you to come and fill my vussy with your seed.

“Lords of Space,” Rhak shouted and he kept shouting as he climaxed.

“Every drop,” Sarah moaned as she kept riding the alien strut. “Give me every drop.”

“Yes!” Rhak kept shouting. She could hear the exhilaration in his climax. There was months of loneliness behind that orgasm and she felt pride in knowing that she helped relieve it.

“How does that feel, lover?” Sarah asked.

<Transmission Ended>

Sarah sighed. It wasn’t unusual for them to hang up right away but she did miss the pillow talk sometimes. Oh well, he was probably getting back to mining asteroids.

She kept humping the strut she was on as she waited for the next call.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24th 2015 Transmission

Morin AlloyHammer grabbed the human’s tit. His beard smelled of the vussy he had just eaten. The human had a post-orgasmic glaze in her eyes. Of course she did. When a Wuat put their mind to something, they did it with craftsmanship and pride in their work.

They also really just liked sex.

“I’ll do anything for you,” the human woman said.

“Of course you will,” Morin said. “That was the terms of our verbal contract.” He was in the mood for a face fucking or a straight up fuck but he understood the limitations of human bodies and Wuat hardiness. Fortunately she had a great set of breasts with good structural pliancy. He could use that.

Morin reached for his tool harness around his chest. He took out Sex Lube #4 and sprayed it onto the human’s pale breasts. The lube glistened on her mountainous tits.

“Oh, chilly!” the human said.

“Friction will warm you up,” Morin said. For a Wuat, this counted as foreplay.

It worked well enough for the woman. She grabbed her breasts in her hand and leaned towards Morin’s strut. It was firm and ready to be embraced by her warm globes. His lower stature was the perfect height for this position. She smiled at him as he groaned.

“Is this what you want?” she asked him.

“Hold that placement,” Morin groaned. His hips began to move and he fucked the woman’s tits. His thick strut moved like a piston between her breasts.

“Fuck,” the woman whispered. Her eyes widened as she saw the speed he was maintaining. He could see her also realizing how lucky she was that his thick member wasn’t slamming inside of her at the moment.

Morin reached down and placed his powerful hands over hers. He squeezed and perfected the amount of pressure her breasts were applying to his strut. His hips shifted and he corrected the angle of his thrusts. He considered adding more lube but estimated that it would be enough.

The woman had no clue about his craftsmanship. She was too entranced by his strut sliding up and down between her tits. It was a shame. If she said some compliments about his attention to friction and angles he would probably climax sooner.

As it was, he was close to coming anyway. Eating vussy always got him in the mood, almost as much as big tits. He also had a think for women bigger than Wuats which at times seem to be the whole damn universe. All in all, he as strut deep in all the thinks he liked.

“Damn, you’re a really good tit-fucker,” the woman said.

Morin grinned with pride moments before his strut erupted.

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd 2015 Transmission

Qonna wrapped her thighs tighter around the Gekke’s head. His blue hair was prickly against her thighs but she didn’t care. The short blue alien was licking her vussy like a dying man drinking water.

“It is true!” Qonna cried out. Gekkes do eat vussy like no one else! His tongue rapidly flicked inside her while his mouth kept burrowing for more. It wasn’t that he had a special technique or did anything amazing with his tongue as much as it was just his passion. He devoured her vussy like it was the most important thing in the galaxy.

His hands gripped her thighs and pulled them to his mouth. He wasn’t strong but Qonna knew he had nothing to worry about. With vussy eating like that, she wasn’t going anywhere.

The Gekke was relentless. He licked and he licked and he licked. Qonna moaned as his tongue found places within her vussy that she wasn’t aware was there. She writhed and humped his face while he kept licking.

He was better than a mouth parlor. He was better than a Gillian. Great Bang forgive her, but Qonna thought the Gekke as better than her wife.

Qonna felt her orgasm about to burst. She grabbed her heavy tits and squeezed as the Gekke licked her closer to orgasm. She wondered if he would stop licking when she came. It seemed unlikely. She trembled at the thought of his tireless mouth eating her as she came.

Suddenly he stopped. Qonna waited but nothing happened. She sat up and looked at the blue alien between her legs.

He was snoring. Did he pass out? Qonna had passed out from sex before but she never heard of someone doing it from eating vussy.

A Security Drone came by and picked him up from between her open legs. He would be taken out of the orgy to recover.

Qonna sighed. It was nice that the Gekke was being taken care of but hat about her? She was so damn close!

Should she get herself off? Fuck that. Should she go look for her wife and get her help? Fuck that, Qonna didn’t want to move.

“You!” Qonna said to a hairy short alien that was walking by. “Eat my vussy and I’ll pay you back however you want.”

The hairy alien stroked his beard. Unlike the Gekke, he was stout and as wide as a lube barrel. “I agree to your verbal contract,” he said with a deep voice.

Qonna reached out to him to pull him down between her legs. He took her hand and pulled her up to her feet before she knew what was happening. Just as she was about to protest, he grabbed her thighs and lifted her off her feet. He brought her vussy to his bearded face and started licking.

“Great Bang,” Qonna whispered. She felt the strong alien’s tongue darting and licking her vussy with surgical precision. It as a complete change from the frenzied consumption she experienced moments before. The bearded alien licked her clitoris, her vussy lips, inside her vussy and even spared kisses for her thighs. He was methodical in licking every part of her.

Best of all, he wasn’t fucking passing out.

“Yes!” Qonna screamed. Her body shook as it climaxed on the short alien’s bearded face. His powerful hands kept her steady as she convulsed with pleasure.

Qonna drifted in a haze of endorphins as she was set on the ground. She reveled in her bliss as she felt strong hand grab her tit.

“Time for my payment,” the stout alien said.

Qonna smiled and decided to give him whatever the fuck he wanted.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22nd 2015 Transmission

Jal was wasted. Jal wasn’t sure that he had even been this drunk. The world was a swirl of colors. He couldn’t exactly feel his feet. He stood up and the entire orgy room spun. Experience was the only thing that kept him upright and even then he knew better than to take a step.

One drunken wobble and the Security Drones would inspect him. Once they saw how drunk he was, he would be escorted from the orgy. As drunk as he was he might get a one week suspension from the orgy. Shit, he was pretty sure that as intoxicated as he was that he might get banned for life from the orgy.

Not allowing drunk people at an orgy was just good medical and security practice. All of the Security Drones knew that. What they apparently did not know was that Gekkes like Jal had a weird body chemistry that allowed them to get intoxicated from most vaginas from most species in the galaxy. That is the only explanation for letting eat out so many women tonight.

The orgy room kept spinning. Jal tried to wipe his mouth and missed. It made him giggle. A pleasant warmth filled his entire body.

He as so drunk on vussy right now.

Jal realized that he had a problem. He had a job interview in a few hours to be a body painter at a strip club. He was nervous so he came into the orgy to loosen up. He promised himself that he would only lick two vussies and yet he lost count around seven. Now he was totally blitzed and unlikely make it to the interview much less not pass out at it.

Maybe his friends were right; maybe he was an addict. He should start attending those counseling sessions that the Christecs offered. Or maybe he could go to one of the Great Bang Temples and ask for help. Maybe it was finally time to admit he needed help.

“Hey, you’re a Gekke, right?” a voice said to his right. He turned his head slightly. The voice belonged to three women with six tits and three thick vussy bushes.

“Yeep,” Jal said. He felt a vussy hair on his tongue.

“My wife told me that you guys are great vussy eaters,” the three women said. As Jal watched, the three women melded into two. “Is that true?” she asked.

“Yeep,” Jal said.

The woman took his hand and placed it against her sex. She was warm and wet. “Would you like to show me?”

“Yeep,” Jal said. Fuck it. One more drink and then he’d start getting help.