Pleasure Station Sigma

In the far future, humanity is unlimited in the things they can do. They have traveled the stars, rewritten their genetic code and created devices undreamed of. The galaxy is their domain.

Humanity has changed with their power. Technology has become religion. Religions has become celebrities. Celebrities have become economies/ Economies have warred with one another. Wars have become social media events.

One thing humanity has not outgrown is the pleasure of sex. Despite so many wonders in the universe to choose from such as the great Library Planet of Ashbee or the Art Nebula of Leonardo Toulouse-Lautrec IV, sentient beings still seek out the sexual playgrounds of the galaxy.

Pleasure Station Sigma is one such playground. Located at the edge of the Known Frontier, this two-million occupant space station orbits a purple star with three dead planets. Technically it exists outside the jurisdiction of any government and thereby has become a hub for the lawless, the brave, the foolhardy and the tourist.

It is ruled by Station Overlord Xex. There is an entire floor of the pleasure station dedicated to brothels. Another floor is an industrial complex that creates all of the sex toys for the station as well as the thriving tourist trade. Sexual professionals of every variety are ready to sate any desire.

Pleasure Station Sigma is also home to the longest ongoing orgy in recorded history. Taking place in a residential quadrant on K-Deck, the orgy has been going for six solar cycles. No one is sure who started the orgy but as long as that someone’s rent payments continue to be processed, the orgy won’t be ending any time soon.

That is where our story begins.

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