What is Going On?

Sometimes it can take weeks before you get a single good idea. Sometimes you spit one out just talking to your friends.

We were talking about how we wished we could draw and what kind of sexy webcomics we would create. I liked the idea of an endless orgy. I threw the idea out there and shrugged. I can’t draw so it was never going to happen.

Like most good ideas, it stuck in my head. I can’t draw but I can write.

Why an orgy? I have often been fascinated by how in videogames, you can set up a server where people log in and play against each other. These servers have their busy times and their quiet times but they never shut down. They keep going in an endless cascade of violence. That sort of perpetual action fascinates me.

I already do a space pirate series so why do another? I corrected it to a space station and the idea became more intriguing. A space station implies people coming in and out. Aliens and transhumans would be involved. Tourists, workers, nobility and all walks of life could be involved.

No, no, no. I already write a story a week. I also write novels. I also you know, eat, sleep, read, watch TV and kiss my wife. A daily update about an orgy would be too time consuming.

What if I just wrote a page a day?

No, no, no. What is wrong with me?

I have figured out what is wrong with me. I am a sexual sadist and a creative masochist. It sounds like a challenge and worse, it sounds like something I would read every day. I can’t resist it.

So let’s do a test run of six months. Starting October 1st, I’ll write a page a day. I may write a few pages ahead of time to give myself a buffer. I don’t know. It is a new thing.

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