Request A Spot in the Orgy

Ever wanted to participate in a space orgy? Want to suggest a character to join the never ending party? Just want to surprise a lusted one with a cameo appearance? Want to pay me money to do something?

Spots are available now to interested parties. For the low cost of $5.00, you can suggest a character for me to write into the longest running orgy in Pleasure Station sigma’s history! It could be a science fiction version of yourself, a character of yours from some game, or just a wild request. You don’t got to tell me where it came from although obviously I can’t do copyrighted characters or real life people.

Step 1, send me a request! Email me at shonrichards at yahoo dot com and make your request!

You can describe the character, list their preferences and just toss them into my creative mosh pit for consumption in the orgy. Or you can request a specific type of story and maybe sexual partners. I got six months of writing to do so feel free to suggest away.

Step 2, I will write you back and let you know what I think of your request! I reserve the right as Writer-Overlord to reject any character idea/concept for any reason. I won’t write anything that I am not interested in. I am a fussy and capricious Writer-Overlord so don’t take my rejections personally!

Step 3, you pay me money! I will give you my paypal address or you can send me a check like they did in ancient times before the dawn of civilization.

Step 4, I take your money and let the magic happen. Magic might be a single day or as much as a week. I reserve the right to return to the character later in the orgy. It is a crowded orgy!

Step 5, you read it on the blog! You experience the pure orgasm of seeing a skilled writer take your dreams and stuff them into an orgy. Or you write me disappointed emails about how I ruined your hopes and dreams. It’s your choice!

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