Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28th 2015 Transmission

Zoa was a mess. Her violet hair was sticking together from where someone had climaxed on it. Bruises covered her heavy tits. Her vussy lips were numb from the relentless fucking she had received from some robot she barely knew. On top of that, every inch of her body was covered in sweat, grime and sex fluids.

She stumbled into the hygiene area. Steam filled the area along with the smell of disinfectants. Most of the beings she passed were alone but of course some of them were fucking each other. Even here, at the last place that beings had to pass through before exiting, people were taking the opportunity to fuck.

Zoa found an empty stall and stepped in. She waved her hand over the hot stream sensor and the shower began. Hot purifying liquids doused her from above.

“Fuck,” Zoa sighed. The heat soothed her sore muscles. The liquid flowed down her head and onto her tattooed breasts. It cascaded over her tits and onto her stomach and down to her hairy vussy. She felt cleansing lather slide down her tired legs and onto her unsteady feet.

It had been a good time in the orgy today. She had lost count of the struts that had fucked her vussy. Her lips still tingled from all of the vussies that she had licked. Her fingers kept curling to stroke struts that weren’t there.

She started to wash herself. Her body was exhausted but the sooner she got clean the sooner she could go back to her residential bunk. The purifying liquid was full of soapy self-scrubbing lather that should clean her body on it’s on but Zoa liked washing herself. She couldn’t keep her own hands off her self.

Zoa wondered what the Coven of Bliss would think of her adventures today. She had fucked her two hundredth species today and that would earn her another badge. She looked down at her tits and wondered where to get the badge tattooed.

She lifted her breasts and rubbed underneath them. Her fingers scrubbed her nipples and she winced at how tender they were. She had a dozen bite marks and all of them belonged to a different treasured memory.

Perhaps today’s sexual achievements would be the ones that convinced the Elders of the Coven of Bliss to allow her to join the higher circles. Today might be the day she learned the Secret Fate of the Angel-Exhibitionist Maria. Maybe she would learn the Mysterious Lesson of the Turtle Cult. At this point she would settle for the ultra secret True Name of the Pornicorn.

“Fuck!” someone yelled from the next stall over. Zoa giggled but she didn’t look. She knew the sound of an orgasm when she heard it.

She reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She held her buttocks apart so the cleansing liquid could run over her asshole. Shivers went up her spine as she remembered the rather hung feathered alien that fucked her ass.

Zoa smiled. The feather alien had screeched the entire time he fucked her. His talons had dug into her shoulders while he rammed her. When he finally climaxed, he had pulled out and sprayed a heavy load onto her back.

A familiar heat returned to Zoa’s sex. She laughed with exhausted disbelief. After all the sex that she had been through today, her body wanted more.

Zoa reached between her legs. Why not? Her fingers pushed through her thick vussy hair, soapy lather and tender lips. She slipped two fingers into herself and stroked.

She leaned to the side of the shower stall. The shower head tracked her and directed the spray onto her body. The stream continued to rain down on her breasts and vussy. The soapy bubbles tingled as they flowed down the curves of her body.

Zoa moaned. Struts of all shapes and sizes had used her body today. Numerous females had climaxed on Zoa’s tongue or fingers. Today had been a long parade of sensation but what she needed right now only she could provide.

She stroked harder. One hand went to her tender breast and squeezed. She pinched her nipple as her fingers buried deeper inside her sex.

The hot soapy liquid fell on her like an endless stream of climaxing struts.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Zoa babbled. The aches and bruises of her body were secondary to the pleasure between her legs. Each stroke banished away more exhaustion.

She was going to come. The orgasm swelled within her like a solar flare. She stroked faster as she tried to summon the bliss that was on the edge of her event horizon.

In one moment of perfect clarity, Zoa realized that she had spent many days in the orgy seeking badges, achievements and wisdom but not nearly enough time seeking personal gratification.

Zoa climaxed. She came harder than she had in weeks. Her scream echoed through the hygiene room.

When she finally stopped stroking, Zoa let out a long sigh. She felt reborn. There was no more soreness or tiredness. There was only her body.

She turned off the shower head and activated the air dryer. A super gust of air blasted her. She was dry in seconds.

Zoa walked out of the stall. The exit was only a few meters away. She turned away from it and went back towards the orgy.

She wanted to earn her own satisfaction. 

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  1. I thoroughly adored this series - it was a major treat to read and appreciate! Thank you for all your hard (ahem) work, Shon :)

    xx Dee