Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1st 2014 Transmission

Axin leaned back in the chair. Microscopic motors massaged his spine. A vibration activated under his scrotum He relaxed into the chair and his cock pulsed in appreciation.

He watched two Nelops make out. They were green humanoids with a series of alternating sex organs along their arms. The difference between their genders was difficult to guess. He thought the one with the cock by his shoulder was the male while the one with a vagina by her shoulder was female. He watched them line up their sex organs as they hugged.

A woman with flowing purple hair crawled between Axin’s legs. Her tits were covered in electronic tattoos that he lacked the software to read. She pointed at his cock and licked full lips.

“Is that a Palate-600?” she asked.

Axin smiled. “Yes it is.”

“Do you have chocolate?” the woman asked. She had small dimples at the corner of her smile.

“Yes,” he said. He closed his eyes and imagined a complex symbol.

Axin’s cock throbbed. A blue ring around the tip of his cock glowed for a second.

“Enjoy,” he said.

The woman ducked her head down. She took him into his mouth and groaned. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked on the chocolate flavor.

Axin groaned. The cock enhancement had cost him a month’s wages but it had been worth every credit. He grabbed the woman’s thick purple hair and as she sucked him. She didn’t mind. She was enjoying the rich flavor of his cock.

The Nelops groaned. Their sex organs were locked into one another. They looked into each other’s eyes as they rocked their arms back and forth.

The woman took Axin’s cock out of her mouth. Her hand stroked him as she looked up at him. She did a quick lick of his balls and made a face.

“Sorry, the balls are normal,” he said.

The woman shrugged and returned to his cock. She slipped him back between her lips and went back to sucking. Her tongue flicked over him as she tried to coax out his chocolate flavored seed.

The Nelops were fucking. They leaned one direction and then the other. Their sexual organs meshed with one another. Blue sexual fluid sprayed from their orifices. It was fucking weird.

It was fucking hot too.

The woman sucking his cock swiveled her mouth. A shudder ran through Axin.

He kept staring at the Nelops. He wondered if they would let him fuck a hole. What would it be like to fuck an arm? Would a female Nelop’s vagina feel different than a male Nelop’s vagina?

Drool ran down Axin’s cock. It was a side effect of the Palate-600. It tasted so good that women never ran out of spit. It slid down his cock and onto his balls.

He wondered how Nelops blew each other

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