Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2nd 2014 Transmission

Zoa moaned with the cock in her mouth. It was a Palate-600 Enhancement Cock and right now it tasted like Brazillian Zeta chocolate. Her lips tightened around his cock as she tried to suck the flavor right out of the cock.

The guy she was sucking groaned. She looked up at him and tried to make eye contact. He was too busy staring at something else.

That was okay. Whatever got him off. This was Zoa’s fourth time in the orgy and she was trying to beat her record of sucking off eighteen cocks. This was cock number six and she had thirteen more to go.

The chocolate flavor helped. Her jaw wasn’t sore yet but every cock takes its toll. At least when the cock is delicious it was so much easier to suck.

She pulled back so only the head of his cock was in her lips. Her tongue lapped at the tip of her cock with rapid flutters. 

The guy groaned. He closed her eyes. Maybe he was close.

Zoa kept sucking. She thought of hitting twenty cocks in a single night and earning her Cock-Sucker Badge. She imagined the ceremony at the Coven of Bliss and how hard she was going to come on some newbie’s face. She looked forward to having another badge inscribed onto her tits. She couldn’t wait to see the jealous look on Beanne’s face.

The man groaned again. Zoa took more of him into her mouth. She hoped he wasn’t going to take a long time to come. It was the Coven of Bliss Code to never stop sucking a cock until it was done.

She relaxed her throat and took more of him down her throat. Her lips met the base of his cock where the chocolate flavor ended. Her tongue reached past her lips and licked his all-too-human balls. His cock pulsed in her mouth.

“Lords of Space,” he moaned. Now he was looking at her. Now she had his full attention. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her violet hair. She groaned as he pushed up into her mouth.

Zoa moaned and the vibrations from her mouth made the man groan again. He grabbed her hair with both hands now. He grinded into her mouth while she happily sucked on his chocolate cock.

He still wasn’t coming. He had endurance. The coven of Bliss taught that this was to be appreciated but Zoa was worried about getting her badge. She then remembered Catalina 4:12.

“Pleasure is its own reward.”

Zoa rose to all fours with his cock still in her mouth. She swayed from left to right, waving her ass like a signal to any passer-by’s. If she was going to be here for awhile she might as well have a cock inside her.


  1. Am really enjoying this, Shon! Although I freely admit I'm baffled as to why anyone would not want cock to taste like cock :)

    xx Dee

    1. In the far future, Cockies is a slang given to people who prefer their oral flavors be all natural.