Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3rd 2014 Transmission

Sergeant Wid stood in the middle of the room. His naked black body was a silent monolith among the writhing bodies. He searched the room looking for the palest ass he could find.

“That one,” Heavy Weapon Expert Ele said in his head. She had seen something though their telepathic link.

“Ah, the one wiggling her ass while she blows that guy?” Wid thought back to her.

Ele didn’t answer. The guy that was eating her out had a vibrating tongue and she was about to come.

Wid didn’t need confirmation. The wiggling ass was perfect. Ele liked to see Wid’s black cock slip into something pale and round.

He walked up to the girl. Snatches of her thoughts pushed into before he shut her out. Something about a badge.

The guy she was sucking was annoyed and tried to look past Wid. The big man got down on his knees and gently patted the ass of the woman. Her violet hair stopped bopping up and down.

“Mind if I access your port?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” the woman said before the sounds of slurping resumed.

Wid took his position behind her. Tufts of her violet pubic hair were damp with desire. He rubbed the head of his cock against her vussy lips. The woman groaned and pushed back.

He entered her. The woman groaned. Her name pushed past his defenses. She was Zoa.

Zoa was tight. She was damp and she had excellent muscle control. Best of all, her pale white ass looked great against his black body.

“Yes,” Ele moaned in his mind.

Wid grinned. He started slow because that was what he liked. Later he would drill this tight white vussy like a pulse rifle on full auto for Ele.

Ele grabbed her small brown tit. Wid moaned as her felt her fingers squeeze her breast. He shuddered as her sharp fingernails plucked at her nipples. He felt every sharp bite of her nails.

Zoa moaned and grinded back against Wid. Ele moaned with him as they felt Zoa’s muscles tighten.

“She is a member of the Coven of Bliss,” Ele thought to him. “You can be more forceful.”

Wid nodded. He grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed. Powerful fingers clamped her ass in place as he slowly fucked her.

Zoa moaned with the guy’s cock in her mouth. Her vussy tightened and her hips moved but her head never stopped moving up and down on the guy’s cock. That took practice.

The guy was staring off at something past Wid’s shoulder. Wid resisted taking a peak. He was off duty and the only way to keep your sanity as a psychic soldier was to take time off. He didn’t want to end up like one of those broken veterans shaking in their bereavement.
“Oh yes,” Ele thought to him. “I’m going to come again, Wid. His tongue is spinning!”

Wid cried out. Her orgasm was shared between them, doubling in power.

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