Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4th 2014 Transmission

Heavy Weapon Specialist Ele squeezed her thighs around Rarris’ head. The programmer’s tongue swiveled against her clitoris. His finger was in her ass, cycling through a series of vibrations that made her toes curl.

His eyes flashed up at her. Her psychic soldier training kicked in and she accidentally peeked into his mind.

“Alpha Breasts are up 3.4 credits. Beta Breasts are up 5.1 credits. Gamma Breasts dropped 29 credits due to a flood in the market . . .”

Ele pulled her mind back. She was a little annoyed. She knew programmers had dual thought processes but she would have thought both thoughts were on the vussy in his mouth.

Rarris’s tongue added a vibration subroutine. Her vussy clenched and she forgave him for checking on the market.

“That is so stiff,” Wid thought to her. He was her superior officer, her lover and her best chance at staying sane. They weren’t allowed to fuck under any regulation but they could come to an orgy and share in each other’s thought.

Right now he was looking through her eyes and seeing her brown thighs wrapped around Rarris’s pale head.

“I was thinking the same thing,” she thought back to him. She watched the pale ass he was holding onto. She could feel every clench of the woman’s vussy around Wid’s cannon.

He was going slow. Ele knew he was teasing her. He was forcing her to feel the slow steady in and out of cannon and pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Ele groaned and pulled on her tits. Two could play at that mind game. She flicked her thumbs over her nipples. It sent shivers down to her vussy and shivers down Wid’s spine.

Wid moaned. He fucked the woman faster before he realized what he was doing.

Ele laughed. She pinched her nipples and winced against the pain. It was too much for her but not for Wid. He felt every twist of her fingers and it made him pound his woman all the faster.

It had an effect on Rarris too. He was looking at her tits and his tongue extended another two decimeters. Ele skimmed his thoughts and found the only tits he was thinking of was her’s.

“Grab them,” she said to him.

Rarris pulled his fingers from her ass and reached for her breasts. His tongue continued its programmed routine of stimulation. Both hands latched onto her small breasts and squeezed. Her tiny tits were crushed in his unyielding hands.

“Lords of Space,” Wid thought. “I’m going to come.”

“Come with me,” Ele thought back.

Wid pumped his hips faster. The violet haired woman he was fucking came on his cannon.

Ele moaned. She loved the feeling of a fast fuck. It sent her over the edge.

“Yes/Fuck!” Wid and Ele thought together.

“Too much, too much!” Ele said and she pushed Rarris’ head away. The programmer smiled and sat up. His mouth was slick with her juices and smiling a cocky grin.

Ele let him think it was him that made her come so hard.

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