Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5th 2014 Transmission

Rarris wiped the woman’s vussy from his mouth. She curled into a fetal position of pure bliss. He admired her sleek brown body but he admired his vussy eating skills more. The woman had soldier’s scars so you know she’s had seen some shit but it was his tongue that put that grin on her face.

He was an awesome lover. His tongue was a top of the line cyber enhancement. Both hands carried five different modifications for sexual pleasure. Rarris was the alpha at making women come just like he was the alpha of commodities purchases. That was why he rigged his brain with dual thought processors.

{Testicle prices are rising at a rate of 4 credits per term. Sex Provider Plan Pink Sheild is predicting a twelve percent rise in profits this quarter. It has been seven days since the Misandry Corp had made a terrorist strike. He decided the Misandry Corp were overdue for another castration attack. Rarris shifted some of his funds into Testicle investments expecting the prices to rise after an attack.}

Rarris looked around the room for another woman to get off. He spotted a reclining woman with long dark curly hair. She was sitting next to a red man and was jacking him off. The red man sat with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. He bit his lips and was making a visible effort not to come. The woman idly played with her shaved vussy as she jacked him.

{Lube prices are holding steady at 10 credits per gallon. Rarris kept his Lube investments in place. Overlord Xex had his faults but he kept the lube flowing}

“Need a hand?” Rarris said to the woman. He motioned to her sex in case she thought he meant helping jacking off the other guy.

The woman glanced at him before looking back to the orgy. “You may,” she woman said. Her accent was strange and lyrical. She spread her legs apart and subcutaneous gems glittered around her sex.

Rarris felt a touch of uncertainty. He recognized the accent. The gems were in the shape of the Skull Throne. She was one of the daughters of King Tyris of the planet of Euphoria. The royal line was as well known for their sexual appetite as well as their endless cruelty.

{Facial Recognition Activated. Subject: Princess Lusibeth. 89th in line to the Skull Throne. Baroness of the Jungle Moons. Ordered the genocide of an entire species to use their tails for carpeting for her palace.}

He pushed away the fear and sat beside the Princess. She ignored him as he put his fingers on her vussy. He rubbed her gently as he debated which enhancement to use.

The vibro finger? The spinner? The nerve stimulator?

Fuck it, she was an Euphorian Princess. He would use all three.

Rarris plunged all three fingers into her. Her vussy was warm and tight. His pinky ejected extra lubricant while his thumb emitted subharmonics directed at her clitoris.

Lusibeth gasped. She looked away from the orgy and down at the hand inside her sex. Then she turned her attention to Rarris. His cold eyes softened.

“Acceptable,” she moaned.

Rarris grinned and preceded to fingerfuck her.

Yeah, he was awesome.

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