Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th 2014 Transmission

Princess Lusibeth moaned. The human male’s hand was buried to his knuckles in her vussy. Vibrations, spinning motions and some simple thrusting was doing impressive things to her sex.

She appraised him. He was young. His teeth were good. There was a place for him among her bedslaves.

The Princess shook her head. No, Lusibeth had forsworn her usual state powers for the duration of her stay in the orgy quarters. She wanted to know what it was like to rut like a common sentient and not one with the blood of Kings and Queens in their veins. There would be no slave taking today.

The red man beside her groaned. She kept stroking his massive cock while the other young man kept hand fucking her. The red man still had his eyes closed but his lips were whispering. Her enhanced genetics picked up his words.

“Please, please, please, let me come.”

Princess Lusibeth heard her prayer, considered it, and rejected it. She may have forsworn her Princess powers but she had not given up her appetites.

She tightened her grip around the base of his cock. The throbbing red member turned purple. She squeezed him for a count of fifty, and then resumed stroking him.

The red man whimpered at his denied pleasure.

Lusibeth turned her attention to the talented man with the more talented fingers. He was watching her intently as befitting her station. She allowed him to gaze upon her as his fingers gave her pleasure.

He looked at her tits. No doubt he was entranced by the perfect curves and glorious brown aureoles that crowned her nipples. His other hand raised as if to touch her breast.

She raised an eyebrow. Her vussy clenched around his hand. Delicate fingers were endangered by a crushing force undreamed of by mere commoners.

The young man wisely lowered his hand. She unclenched her vussy and she graciously allowed him to continue masturbating her.

Something changed in his fingers. Vibrations increased and new lubricant were sprayed. There was a touch of fear in his eyes as he stroked her faster.

The fear was intoxicating. She relished his hand fucking and opened her thighs wider. She stroked the red man faster as her pleasure built.

“Glory to my Father!” Lusibeth cried out. Her orgasm exploded like a plasma bomb within her body.

“Princess,” the young man said as he bowed beside her. He slowly withdrew his hand. His fingers were damp with royal juices. It was her boon to him.

She nodded her dismissal of him. He slinked away.

“By the Moons,” the red man groaned.

In her pleasure, Lusibeth had stroked the red man too fast. She pinched the tip of his cock roughly with her other hand. He winced in pain as his orgasm was once again delayed.

Lusibeth smiled. Fucking like a commoner was fun.

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