Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7th 2014 Transmission

Victor couldn’t believe his luck. This was his first time in the orgy room and who was sitting on a couch with him? Princess Lusibeth, 89th in line to the Skull throne and Baroness of the Jungle Moons! Not only that, she was jacking his sword right now!

The Princess paused in her stroking. He was sitting right beside her but she had ordered him not to touch her. All he could do was look down at her small white hand gripped around his throbbing red sword. He kept his hands behind his head and prayed that now she would let him come.

She spat onto his sword. He shuddered. Her fingers smeared her spit onto his sword and resumed stroking him.

Victor groaned. He still couldn’t believe it. Ever since he was a teenager working the diamonds pits of Mars, he had masturbated to the Princesses of Euphoria. He jacked off to their trading cards, their olfactory-pictorials, and their official sex holograms. He knew the names of all the Princesses and their divine statistics. He was a life long fan and now he was finally being touched by one!

The Princess leaned against him. Her bare breast pressed into his side. In front of him, seven beings were organized into a sensual chain of connecting organs but all he could think about was how Lusibeth’s hard nipple was touching his chest.

He started to come. Princess Lusisbeth tightened her grip around the base of his sword. His orgasm stopped, stretched into a long frustrated plateau and then faded. A whimper escaped his lips and she began stroking him again.

This was the fifteen time she had stopped his orgasm.

It was torture.

It was heaven.

“You have obeyed me well,” Lusibeth whispered. Her strange lyrical accent made his balls tighten.

“Thank you, Princess,” he said.

“I plan to fuck many of you commoners today,” Lusibeth whispered.

Victor moaned.

“But only the truly worthy will get between my thighs,” she whispered.

Victor shuddered. “Please,” he moaned.

“Are you worthy, red man?” Lusibeth asked.

Victor almost nodded but he stopped just in time. “Only you can say, Princess.”

“Correct,” Lusibeth replied.

She released his sword and stood up from the couch they shared. Victor watched her walk in front of him and then turn around facing away from him. She reached down and grabbed his sword. Her ass slowly lowered towards his lap.

Lusibeth’s tight grip was the only reason he didn’t come. Her pale ass sat on his lap while her damp vussy settled behind his hard sword. She was sitting on him but wouldn’t let him inside her.

Victor shuddered. He whimpered with despair.

Lusbieth stroked him. The wet juices of her vussy soaked the base of his sword. He watched the muscles of her back move under perfect skin as she masturbated him.

He was going to come. He groaned and waited for her to stop his orgasm again.

Lusibeth kept pumping his sword. He realized he was going to be allowed to ejaculate. Tears of relief flowed down his cheeks. He clenched the back of his head as the largest orgasm he ever felt built inside him.

Victor came in a shower of seed as the pale princess laughed her approval.

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