Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8th 2014 Transmission

Environmental Controls Supervisor Teena Centauri stood in the garden room of the orgy. The simulated breeze ruffled her short white hair. A drop of precipitation landed on her bare breast. Bodies fucked in front of her on the dirt under the shade of strange trees.

Teena frowned. She wondered how they maintained the soil’s productivity with all of the sweat, ejaculate and Singularity knows what other fluids mixing with the dirt. It occurred to her that she should order a soil evaluation and assign a work crew to the problem.

She closed her eyes and banished the idea. That was her fucking problem; she was always working. This was her first Solarday that she had off in three weeks. Teena was going to let go and have some fucking fun fucking if it killed her.

A woman waved to her, asking Teena to come over. The woman was tanned and shiny from her bald head down to her toes. She was on her back getting fucked by someone in a blue environmental suit. Teena wondered what species the thing was that needed a suit and whether it had the suit locks up to date.

Teena came over to the woman. She pretended to admire the fucking while looking to see the date on the environmental suit’s inspection sticker. She didn’t see one.

“Hey,” the woman said as the thing in the suit kept fucking her. “I would love it if you sat on my face.”

Teena had been hoping for some dock first, but delete it, she just wanted to get started before she found something else to verify.

“Sure,” Teena said. She stood over the woman’s face and turned towards the environmental fucker.

“My name is Teena,” she said.

“My name is Bip. I think his name is Kxxx.”

The faceplate on Kxxx’s helmet flashed a smiley face.

Teena lowered herself onto Bip’s face. She grabbed Bip’s breasts for support and they were wonderfully plump. They were also slippery from some kind of oil but Teena managed to keep her grip. She settled onto Bip’s face and got comfortable.

Bip’s mouth greeted Teena’s vussy. Teena shuddered as the woman licked and nibbled.

Kxxx kept fucking. Teena had a closer look at the blue environmental suit. The blue dock that rammed into Bip was ridged. Teena wondered if it was ridged to accommodate the thing’s anatomy or if it was ridged for Bip’s pleasure. Better yet, she wondered if the environmental seal had been certified for use inside a moist wet tight place.

Bip’s tongue flicked deeper into Teena’s vussy. Teena groaned and squeezed her thighs around Bip’s slippery head.

Kxx fucked faster. Bip’s heavy breasts shook under Teena’s fingers. Teena grinded into Bip’s talented mouth.

Bip climaxed. Teena rode her moaning face. Kxxx kept going but now he was emitting unknown vapors through his neck ports.

Teena forced herself to not think about Kxxx’s exhaust waste. She was sure it would be handled easily by the garden’s atomosphere contols. There was no need to order an air sample test. This was her vacation, not her work shift.

She squeezed the slippery tits in her hands and focused on the moaning mouth between her thighs. Bip’s tongue found a sensitive area and Teena moaned. For one glorious moment, she forgot all about Kxxx’s seals.

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