Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th 2014 Transmission

Nak floated in the water pool of the orgy. He kicked his legs lazily beneath the water. The waterline was up to his neck and it was heavenly.

It was almost as heavenly as the two Gillians sucking on his strut under the water. For an aquatic humanoid species, they were excellent at creating suction with their mouths. Right now his strut was balls deep in the mouth of the one called Yas and the one called Uio was sucking on his balls. Both had forked tongues and both were very talented with their tongues.

A strut sucking like this made the six month journey on The Madoff almost worth it. Freighter duty was slow, dull and tedious but at least it paid well. Nak had a credit line ready to burst and only four days at Pleasure Station Sigma to spend as much as he could. It was kind of ironic that he was at an orgy with no cover charge but he always checked in on the orgy first. That way he could get his basic needs taken care of before indulging in the expensive stuff.

The Gillians exchanged mouth toys. His strut was now being sucked by Uio while Yas moved behind him. He felt her long tongue slither into his ass.

“Lords of Space,” Nak groaned. His hips began to thrust. Uio took his thrusts into her bottomless throat while Yas clung to his asshole with her suction tight lips. Her tongue went deeper than any hygiene pod ever reached.

Someone cried out from under the waterfall. Nak watched as a four breasted woman was fucked by a human that shared horse genetics.

Uio reached between Nak’s legs and stroked Yas. Yas did the same and stroked Nak. He felt both their mouths moan onto his strut and ass.

Nak reached down into the water. He grabbed a handful of Uio’s flowing blue hair and held on. Behind him he grabbed some of Yas’ long green hair. He held them to his strut and ass while he fucked both their mouths.

To his left, three men were stroking each other. They looked like clones of each other. They floated together, hands between the thighs of the one to their left. Nak wondered if clones fucking each other counted as masturbation.

A Gillian from the shore spotted them. She dived into the water, her blue hair trailing behind her. She swam up to Nak and spoke to her fellow Gillians in their high pitch language. Nak could tell they were talking by the fact that his balls vibrated.

They came to some sort of agreement. Yas stopped sucking his ass and swam to the front of him. Uio took his strut out of her mouth and passed him over to the new girl.

The new Gillian sucked on the head of his strut. Yas and Uio sucked on his strut from either side. Their skilled tongues flicked his skin as their lips shared his strut.

Nak climaxed. He stopped swimming and sank under the water. The Gillians kept sucking. His strut released a gush of seed into the new Gillian’s mouth. She took a few swallows and then passed him to Yas. She took a few swallows and passed him to Uio who finished him off. 

The Gillians took hold of him and brought him back up to the surface of the water. He gasped for air as they giggled around him.

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