Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12th 2014 Transmission

Anicia waited by the door to the Dark Room. She strapped on the recall device to her wrist. Her fingers fumbled with the straps because she was so nervous.

A Security Drone carried a male out of the Dark Room. He was covered in some sort of blue slime. His cock was swollen and his balls were bright red. He also had a big smile on his face.

Something growled in the Dark Room. Anicia’s vussy clenched in fear and desire.

This was it. Consent worked differently in the Dark Room than it did for the rest of the orgy. Just being in the Dark Room was considered consent. People got hurt in there. If she couldn’t make her way out, she would have to rely on trigginger her recall device. Security Drones would come get her but Anicia had heard there were sometimes accidents.

Someone screamed in the Dark Room. It was suddenly cut off.

Anicia smiled and walked in. The darkness surrounded her. Here and there she saw the glow of eyes or the luminescence of wings but for the most part, it was pitch black.

Something grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her down. Anicia pulled free and kept walking. She didn’t want the door to be so close. She wanted escape to be as hard as possible.

Anicia kept walking until something tackled her to the ground. She cried out in fear and then laughed as something latched onto her breast. Sharp teeth nibbled her nipple. Something thick pressed against her vussy.

She pushed at what grabbed her. It had hard rough skin with hard muscles underneath. The head was prickly to the touch. She had no idea what was on top of her.

It pushed into her. Anicia moaned. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever had, but it was very nice. The creature humped her with a furious passion.

“Fuck!” Anicia cried out. Her call was answered by a scream to her left and a moan to her right.

Something grabbed her head. It pulled on her hair until she turned her head. A cock pushed into her mouth. It tasted human and Anicia was mildly disappointed.

The unknown person fucked her face. The balls slammed into her cheekcs with every thrust. The cock was huge and threatened to choke her. Whatever disappointment she had soon melted. It might have been human but at least it knew how to use her.

The creature between her legs discharged something sticky into her. It released her breast and crawled out from between her thighs.

Something took its place. It was a mouth. This mouth had tentacles that slurped and licked her vussy. It clung to her sex and sucked away at her juices.

Anicia groaned. The human kept fucking her face. The mouth between her legs kept licking and sucking.

Someone grabbed her arm. They held it tightly as something fucked them. Ancia could hear the panting of whatever was fucking them. Their fingers tightened around Anicia’s arm as the fucking grew louder.

Anicia was used in the darkness. Her vussy was being eaten by something unknown. She was getting facefucked by someone with a big cock. She felt a splash of something wet on her breasts. Something might have came on her or emptied some other biological function. She had no idea.

She had never been more turned on in her life.

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