Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11th 2014 Transmision

Markus slipped a foot into the Gelaflux. It was warmer than he expected. The orange substance was like gelatin and he felt it seeping around his toes. A faint suction invited him to come on in.

There weren’t that many people in the Gelaflux room. The other rooms of the orgy were often filled with bodies from wall to wall but here there were only five other sentients. Well, six if you count the Gelaflux.

Markus hesitated. Maybe this was too weird for him. He should go back to the orgy and get a blowjob.

He shook his head. The guys and gals back at the dildo factory said this would be awesome. He worked at a Pleasure Station for Christec’s sake, he should be more open minded. 

Markus put his other foot in. He sank down into the Gelaflux. Bright colors flashed beneath the surface of the gel. He walked deeper into the Gelaflux and it slowly crawled up his legs.

It reached his balls. Markus groaned. That did feel nice. It was like soaking inside a vussy. It was warm, wet and there were tiny contractions along his skin. The Gelaflux was stroking his body in some places and massaging it in others.

A woman moaned. She was submerged up to her neck. Pink flashes blossomed under the surface around her. She shuddered and screamed an orgasm.

Markus wanted some of that. He bent his knees and sunk down into the Gelaflux. It crawled up his chest and over his arms. He went down to his neck and stopped. The Gelaflux hardned beneath him and he sat down comfortably.

Purple flights flashed beneath him. He felt tiny massaging pressures against his back. Neural links were made through a process he didn’t understand. Tension flowed out of his body as he absorbed a mild sedative from the gelatin.

Markus gasped in pleasure. A hundred different stimuli came at once. His toes were being sucked. His cock was deep in pussy. Something vibrated against his nipples. He felt something enter his ass.

He shuddered. There was nothing to do but feel.

A man cried out and the gelatin shook around him. A woman moaned. Someone crawled out of the Gelaflux and panted on the edge of the room.

Markus felt his orgasm coming. It was too soon. He wanted to hold it back but it was impossible. He was floating in pleasure; how could he stop it?

His cock ejaculated. Markus yelled as he felt his seed drawn out of his body. The Gelaflux absorbed it all.

The sensations stopped. The afterglow lingered. The Gelaflux was nothing more than warm stickiness. It knew Markus had no more to give.

Markus crawled towards the edge of the room. He pulled his body out and laid on his back. He couldn’t believe how exhausted he was after such a short time.

He couldn’t wait to go back in.


  1. I need to try that Gelaflux! Damn, but that's sexy :)

    xx Dee

  2. The Gelaflux welcomes all to their pool.