Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14th 2014 Transmission

Damia took a seat in the Voyeur Room. The monitor wall showed a dozen scenes taking place right now in the orgy. Hundreds of bodies moved on screen.

She pressed a button on the arm of her chair. A personal screen rose up a foot away from her. An audio stream was aimed at her ears. Her fingers quickly typed a request.

The personal screen showed an image of three aliens fucking a human female. The aliens were huge and the human woman looked small in their grasp. Their docs were huge but the woman took them easily. Her vussy must have been upgraded with a spatial displacer.

Damia reached between her thighs. She stroked the outside of her vussy lips while she watched the screen.

One of the giant aliens slammed their dock into the human’s mouth. She took it. Damia couldn’t believe it. The woman must have a spatial displacer in her throat as well. The two aliens fucked her roughly while the third grabbed the woman’s tits.

She typed a request into the controls. The screen changed. Now three women were tangled in a knot of breasts, fingers, vussies and mouths. One of the women was an Ulturion and her triple jointed limbs wrapped around her lovers.

Damia slipped her fingers inside her vussy. She moaned while the women on screen moaned. One of the women had three fingers inside another and Damia matched her stroke for stroke.

Someone cried out to Damia’s right. She glanced over to see a man ejaculating. His screen showed something furry slamming their dock into something with feathers.

She turned back to her screen. The Ultorion woman had both women on her knees. They were humping her knees as she also fingered them. The women were returning the favor by stroking her expandable vussy.

Damia stroked faster. She reached down and stroked her clit as well. The three women writhed together on the screen as Damia came closer to coming.

She wanted to pop to something different. Her fingers typed in another request.

The screen changed to the green of infrared. It was the dark room, where predators and prey fucked. The screen focused on a Hermafut with thick luscious breasts and a thicker cock. She was pinning down a moaning human male and was about to enter his ass.

Damia groaned and stroked faster. The Hermafut penetrated the man’s ass. She could hear his cries of distress and pleasure. As the Hermafut fucked him, her big breasts jiggled wildly.

Damia popped. Her orgasm filled her body and she bit her lip. She grabbed her own tit and squeezed as pleasure exploded through her body.

Three chairs down, a man came. On his screen was Damia in the middle of her orgasm.

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