Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15th 2014 Transmission

Kase walked through the orgy. Today her skin was programmed to display yellow skin and brown tiger stripes. It didn’t match her long gray hair but that was tough feces. Her contact had requested it and as long as his data was good, she’d wear whatever he liked.

She spotted him by the beds. His hair changed from blue to yellow to green and back to blue. That was how she was supposed to identify him but she didn’t the need the hair gimmick. She recognized his type by sight. He was pale from working with computers all cycle, his back was perpetually slumped from corporate bosses and his leg twitched with the terror of the information he had stolen.

Right now he was watching a couple fuck on the bed. Kase admitted that the couple was attractive but she would have thought her contact would be watching for her. The guy was not cut out to be a corporate thief. He lacked basic survival skills and had too much greed. He would be dead by Waterday.

“Hey good looking, that’s a lovely vussy plunger you got there,” Kase said.

The contact jumped as he didn’t even see her approach. He was startled and he looked at her with frantic eyes. “I’m glad you’re here!” he whispered.

Kase revived his chances. He would be dead by Orbitday. She licked her hand like a feline sentient washing herself. “I said, that’s a lovely vussy plunger you got there.” She hated repeating the vulgarity twice.

“Oh,” her contact said. “That’s right. Uh, I like plunging vussy but I rather plunge your tonsils.”

Kase smiled. There, that was the correct response. In the orgy it was best to use pickup lines that not even sex crazed deviants would use. “That is what I like to hear.”

She got down on her knees before him. He had been stroking too hard, there was already a trace of pre-come on his tip. She gave him a lick.

{Data Identified: Oprlake Bondage Unlimited new product forecast for current fiscal year.}

“Nice,” she said. She blinked and her cerebral wireless plugin made a connection to the Station Bank. She transferred eighty thousand credits to her contact’s personal account.

“Lords of Space,” her contact groaned. “That is a year’s pay at Oprlake.”

He talked about his payoff out loud in a public space. He would be damn lucky to make it to Recyclday.

Kase smiled and took him into her mouth. Her contact groaned and grabbed her hair. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked on him. Her tongue flicked over his small hard cock.

He grabbed her tit. She didn’t mind. He squeezed too hard. She didn’t mind that either. Whatever got him off.

Kase stroked his balls. She coaxed them gently while her mouth kept sucking. She made eye contact with him and gave him her best sex eyes.

He came. A gush of seed filled her mouth. Data processors went into overdrive and interpreted the code in his semen.

{40% Complete . . .Buffering . . .}

She pulled her head back so only the head of his dock was in her mouth. Her hand wrapped around his dock and pumped him. She needed every drop until she reached a hundred percent.

{70% Complete . . . Buffering . . }

He groaned and tried to pull away. She gripped his balls and he froze in his tracks. She kept stroking, licking and sucking for every bit of his come.

{90% Complete . . .File Transferred!}

Kase let him leave her mouth. He fell back onto the bed and Kase was on her feet. She didn’t look back as she blended into the crowd.

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