Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16th 2014 Transmission

Kase came across a mass pile of bodies. At least thirty sentients were fucking each other the sound was overwhelming. Docks and vussies, fingers and asses, mouth and other parts all merged together.

A crowd had assembled to watch. Some of them were working up the nerve to join in. Kase took a seat with them and pretended to watch. She ignored the sex pile and kept an eye out for her buyer.

She stood out in the crowd of onlookers. Her skin was yellow today with brown tiger stripes. Her breasts were barely Beta size but her ass was a Gamma all the way. Men and women hit on her but she politely declined. None of them had the right code phrase.

A man made a direct line towards her. He was scarred and quite muscular. Everything about him struck her as a corporate thug. She hoped he was the one.

“You know, I have fucked seven different feline sentients,” he said.

Kase nodded. So far, so good. “I’m only human but I fuck like a Vitari War-Bitch.”

The scarred man smiled. “I have fucked sixty-nine different Vitari.”

Kase leaned back and spread her legs. The back bush of her sex was already damp. “Clean me first?” she asked.

The scarred man smiled and crawled between her legs. He breathed in her scent and took a moment to nuzzle her thick pubic hair. After nuzzling, he dived in.

Kase cried out. He was attacking her vussy with his tongue. His mouth was devouring her sex. He slipped a finger inside her and gently fucked her while he licked her. It felt wonderful.

It was also completely wrong. He was supposed to give a specific tongue code. He was either from Oprlake or a rival company. Shit, he might just be a freelancer who wanted to make a score.

The worse part was that he was awesome at vussy eating. Kase wanted to let him continue but she was on a time table. There was money at stake. It was terribly unfair.

Kase squeezed her legs around the scarred man’s head. He groaned and kept licking. Micro-ejectors emerged from her thighs and pricked his skin.

The licking slowed. The man’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. His heart beat slowed as he drifted to sleep.

Kase released him from her thighs. She gently rolled him over onto his back. His mouth was still shiny from her vussy. Security Drones would find him shortly and carry him out. If she was lucky, they would just treat him as an exhausted being and not do a drug screen on him.

She stood up and went looking for her buyer.

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