Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17th 2014 Transmission

Kase walked through the crowded orgy. Bodies and spilled bodily fluids made the walking treacherous. The orgy was getting more popular every day.

She cut a striking figure in the crowd. Today her skin was yellow and she had brown tiger stripes. Her long grey hair was a sharp contrast but her large ass got most of the attention. She politely declined several offers to sit on laps, sex organs and faces. None of them had the proper code phrase.

A brute of a man spotted her. He made his way through the crowded orgy with sharp shoves and forceful kicks. At over two meters tall and a bright blue color, Kase saw him coming from half a room away.

“You know, I have fucked seven different feline sentients,” he said to her. He was completely hairless. His dock throbbed as he talked. It was almost as big as Kase’s wrist.

She swallowed hard. ““I’m only human but I fuck like a Vitari War-Bitch.”

He smiled. His teeth were sharp and pointed. “I have fucked sixty-nine different Vitari.”

Well he passed the first stage of authentication. Kase pointed to the thick bush of her sex. “Clean me first?”

The brute grunted. Kase looked around to find a place to sit but the blue giant reached down and picked her up. She prepared half a dozen martial arts moves but relaxed when he lifted her to his face. His hands gripped her hips and held her in place as he licked her vussy.

Kase felt six licks to the right side of her vussy, followed by three licks to the left side. Next was five licks deep inside her, followed by a bite to her thigh and then two licks to the outside of her sex.

He was her contact.

“About time,” she groaned. “I already had one person try to pass themselves off as you.”

He kept her around his face. “Palt Industries always honors their appointments,” he said. “Credits have been sent to your account.”

Kase closed her eyes and made a wireless connection to her bank. Eight hundred thousand credits were added to her account.

“Now for the file transfer,” the blue man said.

The brute lowered Kase to his waist. She groaned as his thick dock pressed against her vussy. He was too big but he kept lowering her. At least he was slow as he gently impaled her onto him. His dock filled her tight vussy and made her wince. This was going to be a hard one.

{Connection Made: Begin File Transfer}

He lifted her up and dropped her back down on his dock. Kase cried out from the force of his thick dock slamming inside her. Data relays in her vussy transferred information to tiny receptors in his dock.

{1% Complete . . .Buffering . . .}

“Lords of Space,” Kase groaned. He must have a 92P in his dock. This was going to take fucking forever.

The brute groaned and kept fucking her. He stood tall in the middle of the orgy as he slammed her up and down on his dock. The grin on his face kept getting bigger.

{8% Complete . . .Buffering . . . 9% Complete . . .}

Kase held on. Her hands gripped the blue man’s shoulders while her legs hung limply around his waist. His large dock kept pounding her vussy with typical corporate ruthlessness.

{22% Complete . . .Buffering . . .23% Complete . . .}

Kase climaxed. She screamed her orgasm as the brute kept fucking her. Pleasure dulled her senses as her poor vussy kept getting hammered.

{36% Complete . . .Buffering . . .37% Complete . . }

Kase laughed. She felt another orgasm coming. She wasn’t even halfway through the file transfer. This monster was going to fuck her silly until every bit of that data was transferred.

It was a hell of a way to earn eight hundred thousand credits. She thought about the new enhancements she would get as the brute pummeled her vussy.

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