Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18th 2014 Transmission

F!w sighed as he looked around at the orgy. There were non-fluctuating lifeforms as far as the eye could see. They engaged in sexual activities without the aid of phase modulation. All those static molecules aroused him like nothing else in the universe.

He adjusted his green body. The solar energy he collected earlier he transformed into muscles. A half meter was added to his height and his skin tightened to reduce any sag. He lengthened his dock but not too long. He kept it within standard humanoid optimizations.

F!w’s changes took an instant to achieve. He was a Ziy and the atoms of his body were at his command. Sex within his species was a constant storm of particle shifts and molecular manipulation.

Which is why F!w was here. He was a deviant among his kind. He was a Non-Fluctuating Sexual.

Once his changes were done, two females approached him within seconds. They had pale skins with strange long black ears that resembled certain lagamorpha mammals projecting out of their blonde hair. Small black tufts of hair projected from the base of their spines above their asses. They looked identical but F!W couldn’t be sure. All non-phasing humanoids looked the same to him.

“Hey there,” the female on the right said. “Care to join us?”

“We like you color!” the one on the left said.

“Sure, my name is F!w,” he said.

The women pulled him by his arms down to the ground. “We’re Haza,” one of them said. F!w didn’t know if that was their species or perhaps the name for their couple. He honestly didn’t care.

F!w tried to perform foreplay on one of the Haza. He kissed her neck in a spot that arouses 85% of all humanoids. She giggled and reached for his dock. She guided him to the black fur of her sex while her companion gently pushed on F!w’s back. They simply wanted him mount her.

That was fine with him. He pushed his dock inside her vussy. It was such a strange feeling. He felt heat generated by body warmth and not atomic fire. He felt a slickness created by secretion and not instant condensation. He felt a tight grip performed by vussy muscles and not gravitational manipulation.

F!w was in bliss. He reciprocated by vibration the molecules of his dock at a low frequency.

“Owwww!” the Haza beneath him cried. Her long ears extended straight out. “He vibrates!” she cried out.

The other Haza moaned. She leaned towards F!w as he fucked and offered one of her pert breasts. He opened his mouth and licked her nipple. Her taste never changed and that turned him on more.

He fucked the Haza beneath him. His dock increased in vibrations. She writhed under him and wrapped her legs around him.

F!w also continued to suck on the nipple of the Haza who sat beside them. His tongue vibrated as well and the Haza moaned with delight. She reached between her thighs and stroked her furry bush of hair.

The Haza came together. They cried out their pleasure as F!w kept licking and fucking.