Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19th 2014 Transmission

F!w fucked the woman beneath him. He broke down the atoms in his lungs and converted them to muscles on his buttocks to help with the thrusting. It wasn’t like he needed to breathe. He could just convert the air in his mouth to nutrients if he needed to.

The woman beneath him groaned. Her name was Haza. Another woman pressed his mouth to her nipple. Her name was Haza too. They both had pale skin, long black ears that sprouted from the top of their blonde heads, and small fuzzy black tails at the base of their spine. They might be sisters, a couple, or just members of the same race. F!w had trouble telling non-fluctuating beings apart. They all looked alike to him.

Around him other beings fucked. He was the only one who could control his existence down to the atomic level. They merged their genitals without the ability to make adjustments. It was barbaric and weird.

It turned him on greatly.

Someone licked his balls. He shifted his conscious behind him and took a look. A third female had joined them. She had the same black ears, blond hair and black fuzzy tail as the woman he was fucking. She licked F!w’s balls as his dock plunged into Haza’s vussy.

A fourth woman grabbed his ass. She was of the same species. In fact, she looked identical to the other three. They must be part of a group or party visiting the orgy.

The woman beneath him groaned. She climaxed and her long ears shivered. F!w felt her burst of pleasure as unseen bliss particles exploded from her body.

The woman grabbing his ass gave F!w a light slap. “Fuck Haza, now,” she said.

“Yes, fuck Haza now,” the woman underneath him said.

“It’s Haza’s turn,” the woman who let him suck on her tit said.

The woman licking his balls mumbled something he didn’t hear but he guessed what she said.

“Okay,” F!w said. He pulled out of the Haza beneath him. The women helped him roll over onto his back. Haza lowered herself onto his dock. He vibrated the molecules of his dock as it pushed inside her vussy.

“Ohhh,” Haza groaned.

The Haza he just fucked curled up beside him. The Haza he had fucked earlier curled up on the other side. The Haza that licked his balls resumed her work.

F!w groaned with delight. He held the two Haza who cuddled with him. They stroked themselves as they watched the Haza ride his dock. He watched as well, fascinated how her small pert breasts bounced with every thrust.

He placed both hands on each of the women’s ass. His fingers vibrated and the Haza giggled. He added ridges to his dock and the Haza riding him quickly came.

The Haza dismounted from his dock. The Haza licking his balls took her place upon his dock. She slid down onto him with the same sigh of her fellow Haza. The other Haza moved between F!w’s legs and began kissing his thigh.

He felt her warm tight vussy embrace him and he noticed something strange. Her vussy was exactly the same as the one that just left it. In fact, all four of the Hazas had identical vussies. That wasn’t possible. All solid beings had deviations, even the clone species.

The Haza clenched around his dock. F!w shuddered. If he wasn’t in control of his nerve bundles, he would have came right then. Instead he simply enjoyed the abundance of sensual bodies that surrounded him.

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