Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th 2014 Transmission

F!w watched Haza ride his dock. Her long black ears flopped above her bouncing blonde hair. Small perky breasts jiggled with the passion of her grinding. She came and cried out her orgasm.

He had a woman in each arm. They too had the same long ears and small fuzzy black tails at the tops of their asses. Their names were Haza too. That was also the name of the identical woman that was kissing his inner thigh.

F!w didn’t understand any of this. He converted muscle mass from his arms into energy and moved it to his ass. There he turned the energy into padding as Haza rode out the last of her orgasm.

He was a Ziy and the atoms of his body were at his command. He could see the molecular structure of the universe. Some worlds called his race Gods. There was almost nothing he couldn’t do until now. Now he just wanted to know what the Singularity were these women with the long ears?

Haza climbed off his dock. His member was shiny and slick from the vussies of four women. He absorbed the vussy juice and saved it for matter conversion later.

Another Haza climbed onto his dock. She looked the same as the others. The walls of her vussy clenched him in exactly the same way. The grind of her hips were identical.

“How many are you?” he asked the Haza sucking his left nipple.

“We are Haza,” the one on the right said. She offered her breast for him to nuzzle.

F!w shook his head. “What is the Haza?”

“We are happy,” a voice above him said. It was another Haza. She squatted above him. Her vussy dripped down onto his lips.

He reached up and pulled her down onto him. The Haza’s thighs wrapped around his head. He licked her vussy and tasted as much as he could.

A Haza sucked on his toes. The tongues of two Hazas shared his balls. Mouths, tits, long ears and stroking hands enveloped his body.

F!w ignored the senses of the body he had created and used his primal senses instead. There were fourteen Haza. All of them were touching him. All of them shared identical atoms. Each one was an impossibility.

Another Haza joined in. She came from nowhere. There was no space/time disturbance. The new Haza simply became and now she was kissing the Haza that rode his dock.

F!w kept licking the Haza that rode his face. She tasted like a normal non-fluctuating being. She squirmed on his face and emitted bliss particles when she came like all sentient beings. When she left his face, he absorbed the vbussy juices she had left behind. It was all regular matter.

There were now sixteen Haza surrounding his body. One climbed off his dock and now three of them gripped him. They stroked him together in pefect coordination.

A shudder ran through F!w on the bliss particle level. All this time he thought that non-fluctuating beings was his fetish but he was wrong. He had two fetishes now. F!w realized he was addicted to the mystery of not knowing.

F!w came. His dock sprayed seed onto the Haza that gathered around him. They giggled and kept stroking.

An orgasm exploded in his physical body but a bigger orgasm exploded through his consciousness.

F!w came so hard, his body disintegrated. He lost all control of his form and his conciseness spread the width of a parsec. He drifted in the afterglow of a new found pleasure.

As for Haza, they giggled and licked his seed from their bodies.

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