Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21st 2014 Transmission

Gani Quip, High Priestess of the Church of the Great Bang, looked out at the faithful. So many naked aliens and humans looked back at her. Some were impatient and were stroking themselves or others. Gani smiled at them. They were true believers.

“Faithful,” Gani began, “I would like to once again give thanks to the hosts of this orgy for allowing us to have this room for our services.”

The faithful moaned in agreement.

“I will keep today’s sermon short,” Gani said. “I would like to quote today from the testimony of Saint Mobert. Out of the first hundred intelligent species we have discovered, it is possible for humans to enjoy meaningful sexual relationships with all one hundred of them. Truly, the orgasm is the universal link that binds us all in the universe.”

The faithful moaned in agreement.

“Reflect on that my fellow Bangers,” Gani said. “When you go out today to share pleasure with another being, no matter how strange or unusual they may be, we are all orgasmic creatures in an orgasmic universe.”

The faithful moaned in agreement.

“Not let us begin the blessing,” Gani said.

She sat down in a robotic chair. It was a Yeth and its circuits activated reward programs within itself as her plump ass settled into its contours. Gani spread her thick brown legs in front of the faithful. She reached down and stroked the bare lips of her vussy while the Bangers formed a line.

A Gillian with green hair was first. She smiled as she knelt between Gani’s thighs.

“May the Great Bang guide your pleasure today,” Gani said.

The Gillian smiled and dipped down to lick Gani’s vussy. One, two, three, four, five and six times her long forked tongue flicked inside Gani.  

“Go forth and love,” Gani said. The Gillian rose and bowed to Gani before leaving.

Next in line was a human male. He was pale with dark hair and darker eyes. Gani thought he had the look of a lube pipe worker.

“May the Great Bang guide your pleasure today,” Gani said.

He blushed and hesitated. Gani gently pulled him down by the shoulders. Once he was near her vussy, his hesitation vanished. One, two, three, four, five, and six quick licks rained on her vussy.

“Go forth and love,” Gani said. The male rose. His face was blushing and his strut was hard. Now he was ready for the orgy.

A woman was next. She had wings sprouting from her back with pink feathers. Her hair was yellow and sparkled slightly. Gani wasn’t sure if she was a modified human or perhaps an alien. Either way, she was beautiful.

“May the Great Bang guide your pleasure today,” Gani said. She had no doubt this gorgeous being would find pleasure today.

The winged woman kneeled in front of Gani. Her eyes were three shades of green. She said nothing as she leaned in and opened her mouth.

The first lick made Gani shudder. The second lick made Gani moan. The third lick moved inside her sex and Gani’s grabbed both of her heavy brown tits. The fourth lick made her toes curl. The fifth lick touched Gani’s clitoris and she cried out. The sixth lick made her come.

“Ohhh!” Gani cried out. Ecstasy rippled through her body.

“Go forth and love,” Gani groaned.

The winged woman rose from Gani’s thighs. Her face was shiny from Gani’s juices. She bowed in respect and then silently walked away.

“What a beautiful universe we live in,” Gani said with quivering lips.

The faithful Bangers moaned their agreement with this wisdom.

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