Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22nd 2014 Transmission

Nuido stroked his strut as he played with the blonde woman’s tits. The woman seemed to barely notice him. She had someone else’s strut in her mouth and she was giving them all of her attention. Under her was a man’s face and she happily grinded her vussy into his mouth.

He thought about moving on. His face was still wet from the blessing of the High Priestess of the Church of the Great Bang. This woman was too busy riding a man’s mouth and sucking another man’s strut to even notice Nuido. Surely he didn’t wait in line for a blessing just to be the fourth wheel on a threeway?

What kept him here was the woman’s breasts; all four of them to be exact. He wasn’t sure if she was a human with genetic alterations or some new species. He didn’t care. She had two breasts with another row of two breasts underneath. His fingers kept squeezing one breast after another. Her nipples were hard and three centimeters long. The aureoles were large and dark. Each breast was bigger than his hand and he couldn’t stop playing with them all.

He pinched a nipple. The woman kept sucking the strut of the other guy.

He grabbed two of her breasts with both hands and squeezed. Her hips shook as she face-fucked the guy under her.

Nuido tried to catch the woman’s eye. He pressed his strut to her breast and hoped she would notice him.

She kept her eyes closed and kept sucking.

Nuido looked at the guy getting his strut sucked. He was really hairy and had dark bone ridges on his forehead. A necklace of teeth surrounded his thick neck. When he made eye contact with Nuido, he snarled.

No, that guy wasn’t going to share.

The woman moaned. She kept sucking the hairy guy’s strut but now she reached down and grabbed the head of the guy she was riding. Her hips grinded into his face and she shuddered as she climax.  All four breasts jiggled as she shook.

Nuido smiled. Maybe he could take the guy’s spot and slip his strut into her vussy.

No, she resumed riding his face. The blonde woman had no intentions of moving from his mouth.

Nuido sighed. Fuck it, he should move on. It was an orgy; there were plenty of females waiting for a guy with a hard strut.

None of them had this female’s tits though. They were big, soft and jiggled just right. Plus, there were four of them.

Nuido spit into his hand. He stroked his strut while his other hand held a tit.

The woman kept sucking and riding. She bounced on the guy’s face, making her tit jiggle in Nuido’s hand. She made loud sucking sounds as her mouth moved back on forth on the other guy’s strut. Her other three tits bounced as she moved.

Nuido kept stroking. He massaged her breast as he pumped. Her hard nipple pressed against the palm of his hand.

He groaned and stroked faster. It didn’t take long. He released a long stream of seed onto her breasts. He let go of her tit and stroked his strut with both hands. His seed sprayed her breasts in white thick drops. He managed to get some of his seed on each one.

The woman opened her eyes and looked at him. The other guy’s cock bulged against her cheek. She looked at Nuido and gave him a wink before going back to sucking.

Nuido smiled and touched his face. The High Priestess’ juices had left a sticky residue on his face. Maybe the blessing had given him what he wanted after all.

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