Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd 2014 Transmission

Wendy Ittle couldn’t believe her eyes.  Sitting by himself on a chair was Dr. Amino, her favorite xenosexologist! He was a Babit and his green rubbery skin sparkled in the low light. Both of his large yellow eyes were taking in the room while he casually stroked his long green strut.  His tongue flicked out to lick the side of his arm. To her utter amazement, no one was playing with him!

She touched her wet face. Licking the High Priestess of the Great bang had really paid off.  This totally made up for waiting in line for an hour.  She made her way to him as fast as she could before someone else got to him first.

“Dr. Amino!” Wendy said. “I am a huge fan of your work! I’ve watched ‘Faces of Orgasm’ a dozen times! Your theory on vaginal horizon expansion made a huge difference in my life!”

Dr. Amino smiled.  His wide mouth extended from eye to eye.  “That is very kind of you! Are you a fellow xenosexologist?”

“No sir,” Wendy said.  “I’m just a brothel hygienist, but I love reading xenosex theory!”

“I am sure you have plenty of opportunities to observe xenosex in your job. I envy you!” Dr. amino said.

Wendy glanced down at his enormous strut.  The green skin looked slick with pre-cum.  “Doctor, it would be an honor for me to perform a sexual service for you. Perhaps my mouth?”

Dr. Amino’s triple eyelids blinked.  “That is a lovely offer! I would prefer to spank your freckled bottom if you don’t mind.”

It was Wendy’s turn to blink.  She had such a low tolerance for pain.  On the other hand, it was Dr. Amino! 

“Of course!” she said.

Dr. Amino placed his legs together and patted his knees.  Wendy laid across his knees and hoped he didn’t feel the heat from her sex on his leg.  One rubbery hand grabbed her tit and held her up. He was surprisingly strong.

His other hand went to her bottom.  Tiny suckers on his fingers attached to her skin.  He stroked her ass with tenderness.

“I do love a human ass,” Dr. Amino said.  “Especially ones with freckles like yours.  Babits have patterns but nothing as amazing as freckles.”

“Thank you,” Wendy said.  Wow, her favorite xenosexologist loved her ass!

He grabbed her ass.  His hand squeezed and pulled at her flesh.  He glided his hand over the curves of her bottom and the tiny suckers on his fingers pulled at her skin. 

Wendy wondered if there was a translation issue.  Maybe instead of a spanking, he meant he wanted to grope her ass? That wouldn’t be so bad. 
WHAP! Dr. Amino’s hand came down hard on her ass.  The elastic fingers struck her ass like six little rubber whips.

“Fuck!” Wendy cried out.  She tried to rise but Dr. Amino’s other hand held onto her breast.  The small suckers clung and pulled at her tit.

“Want to stop?” Dr. Amino said.  There was unmistakable disappointment in his voice.

Wendy thought about it. Her ass hurt from six separate stings.  The warmth spread from her ass and seemed to go straight to her vussy. She was wet and her heart was pounding. It also felt nice to have her tit in his clingy hand. 

“No, keep going,” Wendy said.  It was time she expanded her own horizons.

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