Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24th 2014 Transmission

Dr. Amino struck Wendy’s ass.  His rubbery fingers flailed against her round freckled bottom. They stung like six tiny rubber whips.

She cried out but she didn’t rise from his lap. He was a galaxy renowned xenosexologist. He was also her favorite writer of cross-species sexuality. Plus, his other hand was grabbing her breast and the suckers on his fingers weren’t letting go.

WHIP! WHIP! Dr. Amino struck her in as a slow easy manner.  The limp fingers slapped a different part of her ass with each strike.  He was going clockwise around her plump ass and there was so much ass to cover.

Wendy groaned.  When she offered to pleasure her idol, she didn’t expect this.  He was a Babit, which meant he was green, amphibious and had an exceedingly large strut but she was game for anything.  Well, almost anything.  A spanking was never covered in his works.

The rest of the orgy continued.  A couple of humans sucked on each other’s cocks in front of Wendy.  Behind them, a woman was bent over a rocky alien while being fucked form behind by a man with leathery wings. 

The woman made eye contact with Wendy from across the room.  She smiled before her mouth turned into a gasp. Wendy watched her eyes roll into the back of her head.

WHIP! WHIP! WHIP! Dr. Amino kept spanking her.  He was going faster now but his strikes were less in force. It didn’t help. The extra speed and the loose nature of his fingers felt like she was getting struck with the tips of six towels at the same time.  The stings came fast and furiously against her sensitive ass.

Wendy cried out and Dr. Amino kept slapping her.  She clenched her thighs together as a tremendous heat built in her sex.  Her juices trickled down her legs and she hoped no one could notice.

Something thumped against her stomach. It took her a moment to realize it was Dr. Amino’s strut.  She reached down and grabbed a hold. Her fingers could barely wrapped around the girth of it all. 

Dr. Amino groaned.  His slapping paused but then he resumed.  The fingers felt different now. They were more rigid. Instead of six stinging whips, Wendy felt six sharp lines smack into her bottom.   

Wendy wasn’t sure if that was better.  Dr. Amino struck her a little slower but now much harder.  WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! His fingers stung long lines of sensation into her round bottom.

“Fuck!” Wendy cried out.  She caught herself grinding against his legs. Her ass hurt but she was also so turned on.  Was it the pain or the glee from being spanked by a celebrity? She wasn’t sure.

A crowd gathered.  Some people had stopped fucking and were now just watching. Heat rose to her face as she felt herself blush.

“Great Bang,” Wendy whispered.  They had become an attraction inside an orgy of wonders.

WHAP! Dr. amino struck the center of her ass with a sudden fury.  The heat grew and blossomed all along her ass.

Wendy kept stroking his strut.  Maybe if she kept stroking, he would want to stop and fuck.  Maybe if she stroked hard enough, he would use her mouth or her vussy.  Maybe if she got him off, he would stop spanking.

She doubted it but she kept stroking his strut as Dr. Amino kept spanking her ass.

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