Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25th 2014 Transmission

“Fuck!” Wendy cried out. She was bent over a famous xenosexologist’s green knees and getting spanked by his rather large hands.  Her ass was on fire and her vussy was dripping down his leg.  Despite the pain, she kept stroking his strut that kept poking her stomach. Her fingers couldn’t wrap around his girth but she kept stroking.

The crowd gasped.  Despite being in the middle of an orgy that has been going on for six solar cycles, people had stopped to watch this spanking. Wendy had an audience admiring the abuse her ass was taking.

Dr. Amino moaned.  His long tongue flicked down and licked the sweat from her ass.  Wendy shivered and then cried out as his hand smacked into0 her tender bottom.

WHAP! Dr. Amino was a Babit, which was kind of like a giant walking frog.  His six fingers were rubber like and when they struck her ass, it was like getting swatted with six rubber canes. 

“Fuck!” Wendy cried out again.  That was the hardest spank yet.  Wendy half rose from her position kneeling on Dr. Amino’s legs but his other hand held onto her breast.  The dozens of tiny suckers on his fingers pulled on her breast until she laid back down. One sucker was right over her nipple and that sent shivers up and down her spine.

Wendy waited for the next spank.  She looked out at the crowd and they were waiting too.  Some of her watchers were playing with themselves while some were masturbating their lovers.  Her spanking had become their foreplay.

She kept waiting for the next spank. Her ass was on fire.  Every millimeter of her ass burned.  He had been spanking her for quite a while and her ass felt enflamed. She was aware of every part of her ass in ways she had never felt before.  The entirety of her body had been reduced to her burning ass.

That and her wet vussy.  Getting used by a celebrity was a turn-on. Having her freckled ass displayed to everyone was arousing.  Stroking the thick strut that kept throbbing against her belly was an aphrodisiac. If only she could get some attention to her wet vussy. 

Dr. Amino pushed her legs apart.  Wendy surprised herself by how quickly she spread herself.  The crowd moaned and whispered at the sigh of her soaking vussy.

A long rubbery finger entered her vussy.  Wendy shuddered.  She pushed back against the finger and her protested in pain at the movement.

Dr. Amino finger fucked Wendy.  The finger that had given so much pain was now giving her pleasure.  She humped the finger.  She didn’t care who was watching. 

She pumped Dr. Amino’s strut faster.  He squeezed her captured tit in his hand.

He came first.  A splash of something hot and sticky soaked her stomach.  She kept pumping as she laid across his lap and his strut kept squirting.

Wendy came next.  The pain wrestled with the pleasure and the pleasure won out. An orgasm shot through her. She screamed an inarticulate cry of pleasure.  The pain almost vanished as endorphins rushed through her.

She collapsed across Dr. Amino’s lap.  His finger slipped out of her and she felt his entire body relax. 

The crowded room applauded and then went back to their fucking.

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