Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26th 2014 Transmission

Baylex stroked his strut.  He was laying on the ground in the middle of an orgy. To his left, a woman was groaning loudly as a male fucked her explorer style. To his right, a man was getting his cock sucked by something with two heads. 

He kept his eyes on the woman above him.  She was squatting above his strut and rubbing her vussy furiously. There were three fingers buried in her sex and he desperately wanted to lick them.

It was impossible. She was a Tgyz and her species were perpetually out of synchronization with the rest of the universe. Touching her was impossible without her environmental suit. Baylex didn’t remember what made them go out of sync and right now he didn’t care.  She was sexy enough the way she was.

She was also entirely purple.  He didn’t know if that was their natural appearance or it was a side-effect of being off-sync.  Again, he didn’t care.  The purple body was pretty hot.

The woman moaned.  All Baylex heard was static.  He doubted she understood him either.  That was fine, they didn’t need words.

Baylex held his hand out to the thing with two heads beside him.  It paused in sucking the guy’s strut to lick his hand.  He returned his slick hand to his strut and stroked faster.

The Tygz groaned.  She grabbed a big purple breast and squeezed.  Her fingers pulled out of her vussy and she passionately rubbed at her clitoris.

Baylex groaned and thrusted upwards.  The tip of his strut brushed the bottom of her vussy. A jolt went through both of them as their atoms refused to co-exist.

They stopped masturbating when they were shocked, and then laughed together before resuming.    

The woman beside Baylex screamed an orgasm. It like her fifth or sixth.  The male on top of her kept fucking.

Baylex kept watching the Tygz.  She watched him.  He reached up with his hand, centimeters away from her vussy.

The purple woman moaned.  The static grew louder.  She rubbed her clitoris with a new fury.  Something discharged from her vussy and sprayed his hand.  It felt like a thousand tiny electrical bites on his hand.

Baylex yanked his hand back.  The purple woman’s face contorted into the familiar agony of climax.  He stroked faster as she shuddered above him.

He wanted to plunge his strut into her vussy. The shock would be unbearable but it might be worth it. He wanted to be inside this untouchable woman for only a moment. Maybe an inch is all he needed.

The woman looked down at him.  She mouthed a kiss and then mimed a lick.

Baylex came.  His seed gushed upwards from his strut.  The woman dodged his seed as it arced through the air. It landed back on him and made a mess.

The woman squatted down beside Baylex. She brought her head down as his strut kept spurting. 

Their lips touched and it was electric.

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