Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th 2014 Transmission

Yolly wrapped her dark brown thighs tighter around the woman who was licking her. She was one of Yolly’s robotics students and what the girl lacked in engineering skills she made up for in tongue lashings. Yolly knew the girl was expecting a higher grade but she didn’t know Yolly. The teacher took her grades very seriously.

In front of Yolly was a pile of humping bodies. Orifices were being plugged with organs they were not designed for. Someone screamed and Yolly clenched her thighs tighter around her student’s head.

A woman broke away from the pile. She crawled on her hands and knees with a decided lack of grace. Her shaved head was slick with sweat and Yolly smiled. She knew her. She knew every inch of the lithe pale body headed her way. It was her soul-slave, Cazzie.

Cazzie came to Yolly’s side. She looked at the woman licking her soul-mistress and her beautiful face pouted. Her lips were bruised from all the sucking Yolly had commanded her to do.

“Well?” Yolly said. She lovingly stroked the pink hair of the student between her legs.

Cazzi looked at Yolly with hurt eyes. “I did as you commanded, ma’am. I offered myself to a Usalite and he accepted. He formed a large phallus pseudopod and then he violated my vussy.”

“Was it thick?” Yolly asked. She pinched one of her brown nipples as Cazzie greedily watched.

“Yes, ma’am,” Cazzie said. “It was painful but I did as you commanded. I let him use me and when he was done, I offered him my mouth.”

“Show me your tongue,” Yolly commanded. She grabbed the head of her student while her hips grinded into the student’s face.

Cazzi opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It was green from the Usalite’s ejaculate.

Yolly smiled. “Present,” she commanded.

Cazzie smiled and turned around on all fours. She leaned down and her ass went up in the air. Her wet vussy was on display.

Yolly reached for her soul-slave’s pale vussy. She rubbed the outside lips and Cazzie winced. Yolly kept rubbing, enjoying how tender and sore her pet was.

The student licked faster, perhaps jealous in her own way.

Yolly slipped two fingers inside her soul-slave. Cazzie moaned and her sore vussy clenched tightly around Yolly’s finger.

One thrust, two thrusts and three thrusts. Yolly pulled her fingers out. They were soaking wet.

“Turn,” Yolly said. Cazzie crawled back around to face Yolly. She opened her mouth and expected to clean Yolly’s fingers.

Instead, Yolly pulled on the piubnk hair of the student between her legs. She slipped her dark fingers into the student’s mouth. The student made a face but she sucked Cazzie’s juices off Yolly’s fingers.

“Can we play now, ma’am?” Cazzie asked.

Yolly thought about it. Cazzie was a much better vussy-eater than the student. She also loved pain, humiliation and surrendering control. Cazzie would be the best lover in this entire orgy.

“No,” Yolly said. Cazzie’s face fell with disappointment. That was hotter than any sex.

“Go seek out a Xex and offer your body for their use,” Yolly said.

Cazzie’s eyes widened. Xex were well known for their many sexual organs. It was a sentence for being triple-penetrated at the very least. It was a cruel command.

Cazzie’s pale face began to blush. A smile came to her lips. “Yes, ma’am.”

Yolly waved her soul-slave away and turned her attention back to the student. She pulled her fingers out of the student’s mouth.

“Have I passed yet?” the student asked.

“Not yet,” Yolly said and pulled the student’s face back down to her sex.

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