Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28th 2014 Transmission

Three-Shells slithered into the room. Humanoids recoiled from his tentacles. Several beings paused in their sex play to watch in disgust as he passed by.

It was not unexpected. Three-Shells knew that his race, the Xex, were not considered aesthetically pleasing to most bipeds. They were essentially a meter long purple face attached to thirty-six tentacles, all of which could double as sexual organs. In fact, Pleasure Station Sigma was one of the few pleasure stations that allowed Xex to come on board.

Three-Shells smiled at the bipeds and kept slithering. He had travelled here because he had heard that some biped races were actually attracted to Xex. He was eager to see if this was true and indulge in one of his oldest fantasies. Just the thought of copulating with something that only had four limbs sent his organs a trembling. He would just have to be patient. This might take all day to find a willing being.

A human female walked straight towards Three-Shells without averting her eyes. She was hairless from head to toe and her pale body glistened with love sweat. She stood before Three-Shells and bowed formally.

“Greetings, sir,” the female said. “I offer my body for your use.”

Three-Shells quivered. He had only been here two minutes! What a station!

“I accept,” he gurgled in the human’s language.

Three-Shells sprayed her with his love musk. She shut her eyes as he coated her in the mist. Her body shined as the slippery fluid adhered to her.

He slithered towards her and wrapped some of his tentacles around her waist. Using the principles in Dr. Amino’s excellent ‘Faces of Orgasm’, he wrapped supporting tentacles under her armpits and around her thighs so she would have proper support. He lifted her up from the ground and dangled her above his open mouth.

Several humans screamed. They thought he was going to eat her. The thought made him laugh. Non-aquatic life tasted awful.

He pressed a tentacle to her vussy. The love-musk along with her own natural lubricants allowed for easy entry. The tentacle slipped easily in.

“Lords of Space!” the bald female cried. Her vussy clenched tightly around his tentacle.

Another tentacle wrapped around one of her large breast sacks. It was soft and squishy and Three-Shells like touching it. He constricted his tentacle around the breast-sack and squeezed. The female moaned and her vussy tightened again so he did the same to the other breast.

Three-Shells quivered with excitement. This was fun. It was so much more fun than clinging to a Xex female, trying to slip past her poisoned spines to reach her receptors.

He tried more holes. One tentacle wiggled into the female’s mouth and her tongue licked him back. One tentacle pushed apart her buttocks and slipped into her tight ass. A smaller tentacle went into her ear and then another slipped into the other ear. He thought about using her nostrils but they were too small an opening.

The lack of holes was fascinating. His other tentacles wanted stimulation so he wrapped them around the female’s body. He wrapped around her legs, her arms and her neck. The tips of his tentacles rubbed against her flesh and pressed between her fingers. He trapped the head of one tentacle under her armpit and enjoyed the friction there. 

The female moaned and then her body quivered. She moaned as he fucked her holes. Her vussy clenched in a rhythm that Three-shells recognized from Dr. Amino’s work. The female was having a climax.

Three-Shells quivered. This was going to be a fun few hours.

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