Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29th 2014 Transmission

Vylie groaned. She was on all fours and her breasts jiggled from the force of the fucking she was receiving. Some blue guy with no hair and a massive strut was pounding her vussy. He had a gravity lock on her hips and he hammered her vussy with the relentlessness of a meteor storm.

In front of Vylie was a Xex. The tentacled monstrosity had a human female in its clutches and was violating almost every hole the female had. The purple tentacles held the woman up in the air for everyone in the orgy to see. Vylie watched with a mix of horror and jealousy. She had always been tentacle-curious.

The blue man fucked Vylie harder. His large hands tightened around her hips. Maybe he was watching too. Maybe he was just as turned on by the tentacles as she was.

One of the Xex’s tentacles was near Vylie. It throbbed a foot away from her. The tip leaked a black fluid.

On impulse Vylie reached for it. It was surprisingly hot in her hand. She rubbed her thumb over the tip and smeared the black fluid over the head.

The tentacle throbbed in her hand. The single eye of the Xex turned towards her. The sharp needle teeth smiled.

The tentacle lunged for her neck. Vylie gasped as it wrapped around her neck and squeezed. As her mouth opened, the tip of the tentacle plunged between her lips.

The blue man groaned and fucked her vussy faster.

Vylie closed her lips around the tip of the tentacle. She licked the fluid from the tentacle. It tasted like roe.

The tentacle tightened around her neck. Vylie groaned and sucked harder. Her vussy clenched tightly around the massive strut that was fucking her.

“Suck on that monster’s strut,” the blue man said to her.

Vylie sucked harder.

“Take my strut, you dirty female,” the blue man said.

Vylie trembled as she clenched around him.

The blue man slapped her ass. A bright flash of pain spread on her cheeks only to be taken away by the pleasure of the blue man’s long strut inside her. The tentacle wrapped tighter around her neck.

Vylie moaned with the tentacle in her mouth. She was being choked, impaled and face fucked at the same time. She was being used at both ends.

She climaxed. Her back arched as she came. She shook from head to toe. An explosion of pleasure swept over her senses.

The blue man didn’t even slow down. Neither did the tentacle. Both used her vussy and her mouth while she writhed in ecstasy.

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