Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30th 2014 Transmission

Yam took his place with the other males. In a row of four nude males, he was the second from the left. He was shorter than the others and he might have been the only human. That was fine, all he needed was a hard strut and he certainly had that.

The green woman licked her fingers. He watched her dark tongue coat her fingers in shiny spit. She then reached for him and gripped his strut. The slick fingers wrapped around him tightly.

Yam groaned. His strut throbbed in her hand.

The green woman jacked his strut. She used her other three arms to jack the other males in line. All four arms moved in different rhythms and Yam was amazed at her coordination.

He was also amazed by her beauty. She looked like any other green human except for the extra set of arms attached to her shoulders. Short black hair framed a mischievous face. Her features were exquisite with high cheekbones and full purple lips. Bright yellow eyes looked at each of the males she was stroking in turn. Dark purple nipples topped her luscious green breasts.

Yam moaned as she stroked him. Her fingers were tight and slick and he wondered what it would be like to slip into that purple mouth or that green vussy between her legs.

The green woman looked away from Yam. She focused on the fourth man in their lineup. Even though her focus was diverted, she added a slight twist to the stroking she gave Yam.

This is what Yam loved. He was just a strut to her. She didn’t care that he was just a solar cell technician. She had no idea how little credit was in his bank account. There was no fear of rejection. He was just a body part to her.

The man to Yam’s right groaned. His knees bent as he began to pant. The green woman stroked him faster and turned her yellow eyes to him. She licked her lips and tugged him harder.

“Come on me,” she said.

The man did. Yam watched as white seed sprayed onto the green woman. Sticky streams landed on full green breasts.

Yam moaned and bit his lip. He watched as the green woman milked every drop from the man’s strut. When the man was finally drained, he thanked her and stepped away.

Now there were three. The green woman brought her hand to her lips and licked the seed off. Yam watched her purple lips suck her fingers clean.

The man on the far right came. He shouted and his strut suddenly erupted. A stream of seed landed on her cheek and breast. The green woman laughed and kept stroking until he could take no more.

Now there were two. The green woman licked her other hand clean while the seed remained on her cheek and breasts.

Both hands clean, the green woman added a hand to each of the struts she was pumping. Yam groaned as a hand went to his balls. The man beside Yam groaned as she fondled his balls as well.

“Who shall come on me next?” the green woman said. “Will it be you, or you?”

The other man came first. He groaned and his groan turned to a growl. The green woman stroked him faster as his seed sprayed her bright green breasts.

Now there was only Yam. He watched as she licked her other two hands clean. He watched as the seed of three men ran down her green breasts. He watched as she watched him.

Now she used all four hands on him. Two pumped his strut. One hand gently fondled his balls. The last hand reached around and gripped his ass.

“Come,” she whispered. “Show me your pleasure.”

And he did.


  1. This hit a whole lot of buttons for me. Not the extra arms, but the jacking off, the coming on, the general hotness of it :)

    xx Dee