Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st 2014 Transmission

Ulrich grabbed the hips of the woman riding him. She grinded on his strut and her vussy was tight around him. Her heavy breasts bounced and he was tempted to reach up and grab one. He resisted because he didn’t want his hands to get in the way of the images appearing on her skin.

The woman had the dermal screen enhancement. It wasn’t cheap. She must have been an heiress or maybe a vice-president. Ulrich had only seen them in the catalogs of his cyber store but none of his customers ever bought one.

Words appeared on her breasts.  “Fuck me, fuck me fuck,” scrolled across one breast.  “Harder, harder, harder,” scrolled across the other breast. 

Ulrich’s own enhancements kicked in.  His PumpStrut V6.1 went into a faster gear.  Up and down his organ went, jackhammering up into the woman’s vussy.

“Fuck!” the woman cried.  She swept her red hair away from her face. Images of gasping mouths appeared on her cheeks.

Ulrich groaned. The woman leaned back, taking his strut with her.  She spread her legs and took his automated strut. 

Pornographic images appeared on her thighs. On the right leg, man was fucking a woman from behind.  One the left leg, a man was fucking the mouth of woman. 

Ulrich was surrounded by sex. He was an in orgy filled with copulating bodies but he had little interest in what was happening around him. All he cared about was the images and words appearing on the woman’s dermal screen. The video quality was unbelievable.

The woman screamed out another orgasm.  An image of a dark ass getting hammered by a pale strut appeared on her belly. 

Ulrich pulled on her hips and rolled the woman onto her back.  He grabbed both of her legs and put them on his shoulders.  He sat up here he could get the best view while his automated organ kept fucking her.

New images appeared on her bouncing breasts.  Multiple women sucked the heads of ejaculating struts.  Ulrich’s eyes darted from image to image as six struts shot their loads onto six faces. 

“Come inside me,” appeared on her stomach. 

Ulrich looked up at her.  “Come in me,” appeared on both cheeks.  “Come in my wet vussy,” appeared on her forehead.

He gave the mental command to his cybernetic balls.  A fountain of seed gushed into her vussy.  The woman cried out as his balls kept pumping into her.

The images on her body changed to exploding stars as she screamed her orgasm.

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