Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2nd 2014 Transmission

In a side corridor away from the main orgy, a purple glow appeared on a wall. The glow lengthened and turned into a door. It was marked ‘Maintenance’ along with ‘Keep Out’.

The door opened and out walked a dark nude man. The hair on his head was cut as sensibly short as the hair on his scrotum. A lengthy cock swung between his legs. It glistened with sexual juices from a recent mating.

He looked like a healthy young man except for his eyes. They were old eyes and older than most people could guess.

The man leaned against the corridor wall and took a lick. He thought for a moment and smiled.

“Where are we now, Lover?” a woman asked from the other side of the door. She peeked out. She was a Korean woman but the white toga she wore was late Roman. Her long shiny black hair was streaked with red highlights.

“Welcome to Pleasure Station Sigma, Jung!” the black man said. “This is one of the most decadent space stations in human history! The economy revolves around exporting sex toys and lubricant while importing tourist money spent in brothels and other sexual entertainment! It is also home to an orgy that has been going on for six years if my calculations are right.”

“Eww, not another orgy,” Jung said. “I was liking the one in Rome until they started vomiting.”

“No vomiting here!” Lover said. “Well, some races are into it but for the most part, it is just good old fashioned fucking and oral.”

“Wait, races?” Jung said. “Are there aliens here?”

“Oh yes,” Lover said. “If you like tentacles, we got the Xex. If you like frog people, we got the Babit. Personally, I think we should head to the pool. You haven’t lived until you see a Gillian go down.”

Jung wasn’t convinced. “Isn’t there a chance for STD’s?”

Lover frowned. “In this time period? Not a chance. Also remember, the Door supercharges your immune system. We wouldn’t have survived Woodstock without it.”

Jung peeked around the corridor. She saw bodies of all shapes and colors. Most of them were licking, sucking, fucking, stroking the body next to them. The sight of so much naked and weird sexuality had an instant effect on her. She reached under her toga and stroked her wet sex. It was still sensitive from the fucking Lover had given her on the trip here.

“First, we need to go naked,” Lover said. “Clothing is rare at these kinds of orgies.

He grabbed the hem of her toga and pulled it over her head. Jung stood in front of him naked except for the glittering ruby that hung above her perky breasts.

“The necklace should stay at the Door too. Not many people wear jewelry to these things.”

“Absolutely not!” Jung said. “Captain Blastpants gave me this necklace! What better place to wear a gift from a space pirate than at a space orgy?”

Lover shrugged. “Good point.”

“Cool, let’s do this!” Jung said.

She turned to go into the orgy but Lover grabbed her arm. Jung giggled as he roughly pulled her back to him. His hard cock pressed against her back.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he whispered in her ear.

She reached behind and grabbed his cock. It was still slick from their fucking.

“Am I?” she teased.

“You are,” Lover said. “Every trip through time and space must be paid for in orgasms.”

“And what is your price this time?” Jung said.

Lover turned her around and pushed gently on her shoulders. Jung fell to her knees before his stiff cock. He pulled on her hair and she opened her lips. His cock filled her mouth and pushed down her throat. She tasted herself on him and went to sucking.

It was a fair price for an orgy in space.

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  1. A fair price indeed! Looks like they're planning to have a very good time :)

    xx Dee