Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd 2014 Transmission

Jung walked through the orgy. Something that looked like an intelligent horse was climbing onto top of a woman with an ass the size of a coffee table. Next to Jung was a green man with four arms stroking his cock. Above her was a couple sticking to the ceiling as they fucked. It was a lot to take in.

Something truly magnificent caught her eye. It was a window. She stopped by the window and looked out. A thousand stars blinked back at her. Dozens of ships zipped by or parked in orbit around the station.

“Holy shit,” Jung said. Ever since the mysterious Lover picked her up at a coffee shop in 21st century Atlanta, Jung had seen one amazing thing after another. She had watched cavemen discover oral sex. She had her anus fucked by Benjamin Franklin. She had partied with pirates in the Caribbean. It seemed like she had seen or fucked everything interesting in the history of mankind.

This proved her wrong. There was all of space still out. It occurred to her that she could travel with Lover for the rest of her life and never see it all.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a voice said.

Jung turned and saw an alien. He was hairy and had a cat’s face. He looked like a magnificent lion walking upright.

“Very” she said. “My name is Jung.”

“Mine is Athun,” he said. “It would be an honor if you let me inside your vussy.”

“My what?” Jung said. The Door had wired her brain for understanding other languages but sometimes it struggled with slang.

He reached down between her legs and stroked her bare sex. A sharp claw gently parted her pussy lips. She gasped as the claw slipped in.

“Oh!” Jung said. “That! I would love it if you fucked me. You would be my first alien!”

“In the name of the Vitari, I claim this vussy!” Athon yelled.

He grabbed Jung and spun her around to face the window. She threw her hands up to support herself as he bent her forward. He kicked her legs apart and grabbed her hips. His body bent over hers and she felt his soft fur conform to her body.

“Shit, so much for foreplay,” Jung said. She knew she was just bitching, her ‘vussy’ was already wet and ready.

Something large pressed against her sex. Jung’s eyes widened as it pushed inside her. The cat man was huge and she groaned as he entered her.

Furry hands reached around and grabbed her tits. Sharp claws poked her breasts but thankfully they didn’t cut her. He held onto her tits and squeezed.

Jung looked out at the stars. A ship shaped like a ribbed dildo flew by.

Athon swept her black hair from her back. Sharp teeth clamped down the back of her neck. Jung winced as the powerful jaws clamped down. She wasn’t going anywhere. The safeword that would summon the Door came to her lips and she almost spoke it.

He started to fuck her and the word turned into a moan. This was good. Jung’s fear melted away in a rapid series of thrusts.

The teeth tightened around her neck. The claws against her small breasts squeezed harder. Jung felt the panting breath of the cat man on the back of her neck.

Jung moaned. She wanted to close her eyes but she kept them open. Outside the window, a ship shaped like a giant glittering diamond drifted by.

The fucking grew faster. There was no technique or style, it as just pure pounding. It reminded Jung of the cave men they saw in France. It reminded her of the robotic Squix attack of 2109. It reminded her of horny boyfriends at the Chamber in Atlanta.

Athon began to growl. The low subharmonics sent chills down her spine that went straight to her pussy.

Jung came. The orgasm swept through her as the cat man kept fucking her.

In front of her, a spaceship fired rockets and headed off to space.

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