Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4th 2014 Transmission

The Lover watched his traveling companion from across the room. The young Korean woman was getting fucked by a Vitari. The cat-like humanoid had Jung pressed up against the wall. He recognized her orgasm as she shook in the furry man’s grasp.

He looked down at the woman sucking his cock. The redhead had a cyber enhancement that gave her two tongues. Both of them were equally talented. That is why the Lover liked humans; they were always looking for new ways to make sex better.

He should know. He had spent a thousand years fucking sentient beings. He had fucked some of the first intelligent creatures in the cosmos and he had fucked the last before the inevitable heat death of the universe. There was no greater connoisseur of sex in time or space.

A new person came into the orgy. They were tall and as white as Ice Age snow. They had a single eye on top of a pointed head. Scars were all that remained of removed genitals.

The Lover frowned. He had no idea any of their kind still existed this far in the time line.

The white being looked around the orgy and then left. They were headed towards the pool room.

The Lover looked down on the human sucking his cock. The redhead winked at him as one tongue flicked the tip of his cock while another tongue licked the shaft. It was a damn good blowjob.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Sorry friend,” he said. “I need to talk to someone but I promise you I will find you and return the favor.”

The redhead sighed and took his cock out of her mouth. “You better,” she said.

The Lover kissed her, enjoying the tangle of tongues before forcing himself to stand. He walked through the orgy and headed towards the pool area.

The pool was full tonight. Beings waited on chairs set up alongside the pools. Some impatient beings were already masturbating or fucking their fellow waiters. 

The Lover came up beside the white being. “Shouldn’t you be extinct?”

The white being recoiled. He looked at the Lover and although he had no mouth, The Lover could sense his disgust.

A voice came from the center of the being’s chest. “The Secret Censors still live. We shall never die no matter what lies you tell us, time-traveller.”

“Okay, sure. Hold onto that optimism.” the Lover asked. “I was just curious what you are doing here. I thought you guys hated sex and all forms of sexual art. I didn’t figure your kind for visiting orgies.”

The white being turned its single eye back to the bodies fucking in the pool. “This is no ordinary orgy. This has the potential to become a touch point in culture. This orgy will inspire others to either create their own orgies or to create art celebrating the orgy. All ready it is sending impressions back in time as far back as the 21st century.”

The Lover scratched his balls, mostly because he knew it would annoy the Secret Censor. “Tough shit, friend. This orgy isn’t due to stop for another five years. Or maybe it is five months, I’m kind of bad at this. Either way, it doesn’t end today, friend. Why don’t you go back to whatever hidden city you guys live at now and leave these folks alone?”

Someone screamed their orgasm in the pool. The onlookers paused in their groping and fucking to watch. A man with a big smile on his face swam out of the pool. The next onlooker in line cheered and dived into the pool.

“It will end in five minutes,” the Secret Censor said. “And you will not stop me because you have no idea how I plan to accomplish this.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” the Lover said. “I know the security here looks out for weapons and explosives so whatever you did had to get past the scanners. I’d guess that instead of smuggling something, you just converted your body chemistry into something nasty. I am guessing a poison gas and since the Secret Censors are assholes, I am betting the gas causes a long painful death. It probably requires a body of water to set it off.”

The Secret Censor’s single eye widened in surprise. Without saying another word, it ran towards the pool. It shoved beings out of the way and jumped into the air.

“Open,” the Lover said.

A door marked ‘Maintenance’ flashed purple in a deserted hallway.

A purple portal appeared in front of the leaping Secret Censor. He screamed defiance as he fell through the portal. The portal vanished.

Inside the nearest star, the Secret Censor appeared and vaporized.

A door marked ‘Maintenance’ reappeared in a deserted hallway in a flash of purple light.

All of this took less than a second.

“Just a short magic trick folks,” the Lover said to the startled pool orgy. “Go back to your fucking!”

They did.

The Lover headed back to the main orgy. He owed a redhead a passionate pussy eating.


  1. Hah! This one amused me no end. Great use of the 'short magic trick' :)

    xx Dee

    1. Thanks :) I had a feeling the Lover would go for something neat and quick so he could get back to the sex.