Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5th 2014 Transmission

Iona pushed her metal fingers inside the human woman. Sensors inside her hand reported the vaginal pressure to thirty decimal places. Lubrication and heat were also measured and fed into Iona’s processors. The data streamed across her consciousness and she marveled at individuality of organic beings.

The woman groaned.  She licked her pink lips and swept sweaty violet hair from her eyes.  A flush spread from her face and went down to the electronic tattoos on her breasts.  She reached out for Iona’s breast and her palm cupped the cold metal there.

Not for the first time, Iona wished that she could afford to upgrade her chassis to something pseudo-organic.  It cost her a year’s wages as physical therapist just to upgrade to this female metal chassis.  It was an important step in her self actualization as a female artificial intelligence. Having breasts, lips, hair, buttocks and a vussy was important to her even if they were all just hard metal shapes.

“You’re beautiful,” the female said as if she could read Iona’s internal computations.

“Thank you,” Iona said.  She wished her mouth could smile.  “That is very kind.”

Iona added a swivel to her finger thrusts inside the female.  The woman’s eyes clenched shut and her hand tightened around Iona’s hard breast. Her mouth opened and a long groan came from her lips.

The female reminded of Iona of her first lover. He was another Semlyon like her. His designation was Orin and he had the most beautiful way to describe economic models. They were mad for each other and they would spend long nights writing poetry to each other. When she recited poems about radiation dispersal, he would moan the exact same way.

The human female squirmed.  She grabbed Iona’s other hand and brought it to her breast.  Iona gently squeezed the pliant flesh, her sensors feeding Iona with enchanting data regarding softness, warmth, and density. A shuddering sigh was the only way to express her wonder.

“You are the beautiful one,” Iona said and she meant every word.  “You are a perfect collection of unique attributes that would take a lifetime to explore.  My fingers have been in a hundred and forty-three vussies and no vussies is like yours. I am bringing you pleasure but you are giving me an experience I will remember for as long as I exist.”

The woman clenched down hard on Iona’s fingers.  Iona predicted a ninety-eight percent chance of imminent orgasm.

Iona squeezed the woman’s breast harder while her other hand increased the speed of her manipulations.  She began to moan for it was proven to aid in the orgasms of organics. Her body leaned closer to the woman’s squirming body in order to communicate intimacy.

The woman climaxed. Multiple sensors recorded every moan, clench, wiggle, flush and scream of the woman’s body.

Iona never tired of seeing something so beautiful.

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