Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6th 2014 Transmission

Zoa laid where she was, exhausted. Moments ago, a robot woman had fingered her to the strongest orgasm she had experienced in weeks. Considering that Zoa was a member of the Coven of Bliss, that was saying something.

“Did I just have a religious experience?” Zoa said out loud.

“What?” a man said beside her. He was fucking a woman under him. The woman turned to face Zoa too.

“Never mind,” she said and the couple went back to fucking.

Zoa sat up. Her nipples were still hard. She touched the electric tattoo that was her Cock-sucking badge. It glowed and Zoa felt a sense of pride. Her jaw was still sore from the night she earned that one.

A sore jaw hadn’t kept her away from this orgy so neither was a satisfied vussy.

“Bring pleasure to the pleasureless,” Zoa recited. That was from the Book of Dellox. Or maybe it was from the Book of Pammie. Shit, couldn’t remember. Zoa decided that she needed to do more studying and less fucking if she wanted to advance in the Coven.

But not right now. She was already in the orgy. There might be another religious experience waiting for her.

“Excuse me,” a man said beside her. He was nude except for the striped black and white goggles he wore. His strut was slick with some sort of sexual juices.

“Yes?” Zoa said.

“Are you using these tits?” the man said.

“Uh, not at the moment,” Zoa said.

“May I use them?” the man said.

Zoa shrugged. At least he didn’t want her sore jaw. “Sure,” she said.

“Great!” he said. “My name is Factrum.”

“Mine is Zoa,” she said as she rose to her knees. Zoa wrapped her heavy breasts around the man’s strut.

A happy groan escaped his lips. “Ah yes,” he said. “I was fucking someone but they finished before I did. You’re a life saver!”

“The pleasure is ours,” Zoa recited.

“That’s catchy,” Factrum said. His hips moved back and forth as his strut slipped in and out of her plump breasts.

Zoa kept her breasts squeezed together as he used her chest. The man was done talking. He grunted and bit his lip as he fucked her tits. His balls smacked into the underside of her breasts as he fucked her.

It was a strange feeling for Zoa. She had pleasured many beings but being used like this was different. She was just a pair of tits to this guy. It was a little insulting but for some reason it also turned her on. All of her skills, of her talents and everything she learned in the Coven of Bliss were meaningless.

Maybe there was a lesson in this?

Zoa mediated on what that lesson might be as Factrum fucked her tits.

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