Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7th 2014 Transmission

The camera focused on a smiling man with Asiatic features. His short black hair was perfectly styled to match current trends. The camera widened back to view his lithe nude body, putting his long cock in the center of the frame. Behind the man, several beings were engaged in various acts of fucking. 

“Welcome to Hard Questions! I’m your host, Lanky Lee and I will be asking the hard questions while giving someone my hard strut! All this week I will be reporting from the ongoing orgy in K-Deck. Today’s guest is the Queen of Tart Stops, herself, Gin Holl.”

The camera moved to Lee’s left. A woman with light blue hair and smiled at the camera. Her areoles had been altered to the shape of hearts. Red fishnet tattoos covered her arms and legs. Her light blue pubic area was shaved in the shape of a heart.

“Happy to be here, Lee!” the woman said.

“Queen Holl of course is the owner of Tart Stops, the line of very successful fucking berths on Pleasure Station Sigma.,” Lee said. “If you ever needed a quick place to fuck at an affordable price, you have no doubt done it in a Tart Stop. How would you like the hard questions given today, Queen Holl?”

“From behind, Lee!” the woman said. “And please, call me Gin!”

Gin got down on her hands and knees. Lankly Lee took his position behind her. The camera zoomed to face the Queen of Tarts. The view widened to take in her hanging breasts, her smiling face as well as Lee’s face. Both of them groaned as Lee slipped inside Gin.

“Wow, it is a nice snug fit inside Gin here,” Lee said. “Of course that is exactly what I expected from the Queen of Tart Stops!”

Gin smiled. “We always aim to make guests comfortable!”

He started to fuck her and Gin’s breasts bounced. The camera zoomed in on her swinging tits.

“Okay, first question,” Lee said. “How do you respond to rumors that you are the host of this orgy?”

Gin laughed and then groaned as the fucking continued. “I wish I had started it but no, I didn’t. Also, I can’t imagine how much it costs to keep this going!”

“It does make the list of suspects limited,” Lee said. He kept fucking her from behind. “Next question, three people were killed in Tart Stops last week in what appears to be an organized crime hit. Are Tart Stops unsafe?”

The camera zoomed on Gin’s frowning face that melted into another moan. “Wow, these are hard questions. We have take customer safety very seriously and we have upgraded all security measures. I want to remind customers that Tart Stops have eighty percent less murders than the nearest competitor.”

“Is it true that you are seeking to buy out Sleep Pods?” Lee asked.

The camera left Gin’s face and zoomed up to look down on the couple. It panned down her back to the sight of Lee’s strut disappearing inside her

“No comment, Gin said.

“Understood,” Lee said. He fucked her faster. The camera focused on the jiggling of Gin’s ass. 

“Final question, Tart Stops have been accused of not allowing Usalites to stay at their locations. Do you have a comment?”

The camera zoomed back to Gin’s face. She bit her lip as the fucking increased to a rampant pace.

“Tart Stops allow all sentient beings to use their facilities but sometimes we lack the hygienic capabilities to deal with some races due to power outages or maintenance issues. As we all know, Usalites can be very messy in their fuck play as sometimes don’t have the ability to accommodate them. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

“Thank you, Gin,” Lee said. The camera came back to Lee’s face. He hadn’t stopped fucking Gin’s vussy. “This has been Hard Questions with Lanky Lee! I now return you to Koldie at the Update Center with the latest Body Commodities news.”   

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