Saturday, November 8, 2014

Novemeber 8th 2014 Transmission

“Are you ready?” Hox said to her.

Qaje looked at the crowd. The orgy was crowded this morning. There was an energy in the air that was frantic. She felt small and vulnerable. It made her vussy soaking wet.

“Yes, my husband,” she said.

Hox growled and picked her up. He was a giant even among his race. The average Marcen stood at three meters tall, he was easily four meters. His golden rock hard body picked up her frail brown human body with ease. He turned her around so that her back was to his chest. His hands cupped her thighs and spread them apart so her hairy vussy faced the crowd.

“I am Hox of War Sheild Clan! This is my mate! Her vussy is tighter than any virgin! Her sex grip is stronger than any whore’s! I offer her to any being secure in the knowledge that she will return home to me! Who has the courage to prove me wrong?”

Qaje’s heart pounded as he spoke the ritual challenge. They had done this many times but it always terrified her. It also made her as wet as the lube pipeline.

“Seriously?” a male asked. He was a pale man with the telltale stains of working in the algae vats. “You don’t mind if I fuck your wife?”

“Do so, unless you doubt the honor of my claims?” Hox said.

The white man looked at Qase. His cock throbbed. “Is he for real?” he asked her.

Qase nodded. “To his kind, letting someone fuck their spouse is the ultimate act of confidence.”

The white man looked up at the towering alien holding his human wife. “Alrighty then.”

He approached and Hox knelt before him. His heavy knees thudded into the floor. Qase was now low enough to be fucked by the man.

“Who enters my mate’s thighs?” Hox boomed.

“Wally Freighter, umm, of the Algae Cakes,” the white man said.

“Enter,” Hox growled.

Wally looked unsure. Qaje smiled and reached down to her sex. She stroked through her thick pubic hair.

“Enter,” she whispered.

The orgy had gotten quiet. People were curious. Was this some sort of a trap? Security Drones drifted nearby as if they too expected a murder.

Wally took a step between Qaje’s open thighs. Hox looked down on him as he aimed his strut for her vussy. Wally closed his eyes as he entered Qaje.

“Oh Christec!” Qaje moaned. He wasn’t as big as Hox but he was nice.

“Fuck her the best you can,” Hox boomed. “She will still come home to me.”

Wally looked at Qaje. She nodded. “Do your best. Anything less would be an insult.”

“Can I touch you?” Wally said.

“Do whatever you think would steal her from me,” Hox boomed.

Qaje smiled. “You heard my husband.”

Wally smiled and began to fuck her. He leaned in and kissed her neck while his hips pumped between her thighs. His hand went to her breast and squeezed delicately.

Qaje moaned. She settled back in her husband’s arms as another man fucked and fondled her.

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