Sunday, November 9, 2014

Novemeber 9th 2014 Transmission

Hox held his human mate, Qaje, in his hands. He held her thighs open as a human man fucked her. He was a Marcen and his four meter tall body was hunched down in the middle of the orgy. His mate squirmed in his hands but he held onto her.

The rest of the orgy just watched. Security Drones floated nearby. They didn’t understand Marcen ways. Couples boast of their fidelity but it is almost never tested. Marcens knew that real fidelity was fucking another person and returning home with your mate.

The human male grunted as he fucked Hox’s human mate. His pale body humped Qaje’s brown body. Hox could feel Qaje’s vussy juices flowing onto his hands. He knew how much his mate enjoyed this. The human male was a good fuck.

Hox’s fuck weapon was rock hard. It was arousing to watch his mate get fucked. It was even more arousing to feel her squirm in his hands. He loved the way she groaned and he loved the sound of her vussy getting fucked. When he took her tonight, he would fuck Qaje with all of his passion and erase the memory of this small human male.

The male groaned and froze. Qaje grabbed his neck and moaned. The human was filling her with his seed. Hox could feel her buttocks clench as she milked the seed from his body.

“Thank you,” the human said. Hox shook his head. Humans were always grateful for one fuck battle when the true prize was life-long mating. They were such an unromantic race.

Hox looked to the crowd. “Who else dares to enter my mate? Test her faithfulness with your love skills! Enter her vussy and know why she is my queen!”

Another man detached himself from the orgy. He was muscular and Hox admired his physique, tiny as it was compared to a Marcen.

“Who enters my mate’s thighs?” Hox challenged.

“Naz Ed,” the man said.

 “Enter,” Hox said.

The man had no fear. He stepped between Qaje’s thighs and entered her vussy. His hips began to fuck immediately and Qaje’s moans filled the orgy.

Hox looked around the room. Many of them went back to fucking. Some of them watched Hox and his mate as they fucked. The Security Drones drifted away, calculating that there would be no deaths here.

He turned his attention back to his wife. She leaned back against Hox, her body going limp as the human fucked her. She looked up at Hox and smiled before her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Hox felt affection grow in his heart. He also felt his fuck weapon throb with need. He couldn’t wait to plunge inside her. He couldn’t wait to claim his mate once more.

A male walked over to them. He was blue and his fuck weapon glistened from earlier matings. He stood a meter away and watched.

Behind him, another male approached. He took a place behind the blue man.

Hox’s heart swelled with pride. A line was forming of those who would test his mate’s loyalty. Eight males lined up and he was sure that more would follow.

“Christec!” Qaje cried out. Hox felt her orgasm as she shuddered in his hands. The male looked up at Hox with a smug grin.

Hox admired the male. He had brought pleasure to Hox’s mate.

It will be a glorious fucking when he reclaimed her.

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