Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th 2014 Transmission

Qaje was exhausted. The human woman hung limply in her husband’s hands. Hox was a Marcen, which meant he was four meters tall with hands capable of ripping apart steel. Right now his hands were holding her thighs and ass as another man fucked her.

The man shouted. “Lords of Space!” he cried. Qaje felt his seed enter her body, mixing with the other seed of the men before.

The man pulled out. He looked up at Hox as if expecting the alien to kill him at any moment.

Her husband ignored him. “Does anyone else wish to try my mate’s vussy? It is as hot as a solar flare! It is as tight as a rupturing singularity!”

Qaje looked around the orgy. There were no more takers. People were too invested in their own matings to give her another fuck.

That was fine with her. She had lost count of how many men she had taken today. Was it twenty? It seemed like more. She was exhausted and her vussy was sore. She was more than ready for a nap.

Of course she knew the best was yet to come.

“No one?” Hox yelled. “Then I shall claim her for myself and she shall make her choice!”

Qaje laughed. “I am always yours, beloved.”

“The choice is always yours,” Hox said. And it was true. Under Marcen law, a wife can annul a marriage at any time.

Her massive husband stood up, holding her in his hands as easily if they were in zero gravity. His hard strut pressed against her legs and she shuddered at the size of the monster. Hox called it his “fuck weapon” and at half a meter long, it could certainly kill someone.

Hox lowered her onto his strut. The wide head pushed apart her soaked vussy lips. Qaje felt a moment of terror at the thought of Hox impaling her with the full length of his strut but once again, he stopped. Only the tip of his massive member was inside her and that was enough to fill her.

“You are the greatest fuck in the galaxy,” Hox said.

Qaje groaned. Hake lifted her slightly and then lowered her back down. It was such a minor movement but it was enough to leave her vussy and fill it back up.

“You are the greatest beauty in the station,” Hox said.

Qaje shuddered. She reached behind her and felt her husband’s immense muscles. Her fingers dug into the hardness that she felt.

“You are the most beautiful person to watch fuck,” Hox said.

Qaje bit her lip. She felt his the tip of his strut pushing out the seed left behind by other men. She looked out at the orgy and recognized a lot of the men who had fucked her. They looked back at her and Hox fucking and she saw the disbelief in their eyes. They had no chance of competing.

“You are my mate, and I am your warrior,” Hox said. His breathing was getting harder.

“Come inside me my brave warrior,” Qaje moaned.

It was all he needed. Hox yelled and hot seed filled her vussy.

Qaje came as well. Despite the exhaustion in her body and the soreness of her vussy, having her husband come inside her always made her climax.

“I choose you,” Qaje whispered.

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