Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22nd 2014 Transmission

Unna, daughter of Pla-Ru, broke the kiss. The small human woman groaned and collapsed onto the counter. Unna smiled as she saw the woman close her eyes. One orgasm and the human was exhausted.

It made her laugh. Unna was a Yazamite. Their bodies were larger, stronger and hungrier than humans. The thought of being satisfied with one orgasm was a joke. That was like having sex and it just being one caress.

That was why Unna was bent over this counter like a Vitari War-Bitch in heat. Most beings were intimidated by Yazamites. This way, she could be fucked by as many who were strong enough to try.

Someone continued to fuck Unna from behind. They had endurance. They also didn’t scream when Unna’s vussy muscles clenched around their strut.

“Yes!” Unna cried out as her fifteenth orgasm came upon her. She squeezed the counter with her fingers and left dents in the woodsteel finish.

“Lords of Space,” a man beside her groaned. He was a pale human with a thick red beard. The man bit his lip as something savagely used him from behind.

“Devour the pain,” Unna told the man. “Taste it and swallow it down to feed your soul.”

The man cried out. She wasn’t sure if he heard her. It was pointless. Humans rarely understood Yazamite wisdom.

Metal hands squeezed Unna’s hips. Fingers sunk into her skin as the strut rammed her wet vussy. The strut was ridged and she felt ever rough texture as it slammed into her.

“Yes!” Unna cried out again. Her sixteenth orgasm was as beautiful as the others. She arched her back and lifted her head up so she could feel the fucking all along her spine.

Across from the counter were a row of seats. Males and females sat in the chairs and pleasured themselves as they watched the people at the counter get fucked. They were here to watch but Unna often found herself watching them.

One male caught her eye. He was broad and his skin was a dusky gray. Three horns emerged from his head and ring piercings lined his arms. A thick strut hung between his legs and it took both hands to stroke it. 

Unna watched him pump his strut. She wished that she had him in her mouth. No, she wished that she could walk over there and sit on his face. She wanted to grab his horns as he pleasures her. She thought about pinning him to the ground and trapping him between thick thighs until he gave her all the orgasms that she craved.

“Yes!” Unna cried out during her seventeen orgasm.

The horned male saw her. Their eyes meet. She grabbed one of her heavy breasts and squeezed. Her plump flesh overflowed her hand.

The horned male stroked faster.

The being fucking Unna fucked her faster. She felt his strut expand within her until he had the same massive girth of a Marcen. It was almost too big for even her.


“Yes!” Unna cried out as her eighteenth orgasm swept through her.

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