Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21st 2014 Transmission

Xatosa held onto the counter as someone fucked her from behind. Her tail wrapped around the person’s waist in appreciation for the good pounding he was giving her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the fury of the fucking.

She was two hundred and eight and as a human, she often worried that she was past the age of being attractive. Gene therapy, cybernetics and a lot of moisturizer kept her looking beautiful but still she doubted. Was her brown breasts still something people wanted? Did her dark ass inspire people to fuck it? Was she still sexy?

Her great-grandchildren thought she was being vain. They didn’t understand. They would one day if they survived long enough.

Which was why Xatosa came down to the orgy. That was why she went to the Bar where bending over was an invitation to be fucked. She was over this counter because she wanted to know if people wanted to fuck her for the virtue of her body alone.

The person fucking her right now certainly did. They fucked Xatosa like they were mad at her. It reminded her of her tenth husband. The person fucking her would never know how much Xatosa loved them right now simply for wanting to fuck her.

The woman to Xatosa’s right groaned. Xatosa opened her eyes and looked at the woman beside her. It was a Yazamite, with all the muscles, ceremonial scars and giant attributes of their kind. Her breasts were larger than Xatosa’s head. The woman’s mouth was large enough to suck down a fist. She tossed her head back and long black hair flew in the air.

Xatosa wondered what was fucking the Yazamite. She wanted to look but it was considered bad form at the Bar. Those who bend over were supposed to give those who fuck them a certain anonymity. Whatever it was, they must have a strut of diamond to survive a Yazamtie pussy.

The person fucking Xatosa put their hand on her ass. She groaned as fingers squeezed her round buttock. She clenched harder with her vussy as she continued to be fucked. She moaned out her pleasure.

The Yazamite saw Xatosa. Her own moaning lips turned into a smile. Xatosa found herself blushing under the scrutiny f the large woman.

The Yazamite leaned in. Xatosa’s heart skipped a beat and she leaned in as well. They kissed; Xatosa’s mouth was dwarfed by the large lips and thick tongue of the Yazamite.

It was always strange to kiss someone with a larger mouth. Xatosa’s dainty tongue was pushed around by the powerful muscles of the Yazamite’s tongue. The large mouth seemed to threaten to consume Xatosa’s small lips.

Meanwhile, both of them continued to get fucked. Xotasa felt her fucker ram her even harder. Perhaps the sight of women kissing was turning him on. It certainly was for Xatosa.

Her orgasm was coming. Xatosa screamed her bliss into the hungry mouth of the Yazamite.

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