Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20th 2014 Transmission

Chen turned the corner and saw a group of people gathered at an extended counter. It appeared that people of various sexes were bent over the counter and all facing a group of onlookers. Some of the bent over people were being fucked from behind.

He accessed the FAQ he purchased. A virtual nude purple woman appeared for his eyes only.

“This is known as the Bar among frequent orgy visitors,” the purple woman said. “In the second year of the orgy, it became common for beings to offer themselves here. By being over the bar, they are agreeing to be fucked by anyone who chooses to use them. Of course, normal consent rules apply if the person at the Bar wants to stop. Press either nipple if you want to know more!”

Chen smiled. He liked this idea. He spent his day dealing with customers at the lube kiosk. As much as he wanted to get laid, he was tired of talking to people. The only reason he was at the orgy was because his virtual sex slut was in the repair shop.

He walked up to the Bar. Male and female beings were bent over. He passed the males for today and focused on the females. What was he in the mood for?

Chen walked past the skinny dark woman with seed dripping from her vussy. He walked past the plump pale woman who’s ass was covered with bite marks. The shiny round ass covered in body oil was tempting as was the green woman who held her butt cheeks open with four hands. There were so many women to choose from, he wanted to use something special.

He found it. A dark woman with a fit behind was bent over, but she also had a long cat like tail. She lacked the fur of most feline races, so the tail was probably a genetic enhancement. That was what he wanted to stick his strut into.

Chen took his place behind her. The woman shivered as he grabbed her hips. She didn’t look back as he guided his strut to her trimmed vussy. She was already wet as he pushed into her.

The tail flicked back and forth. Chen watched it as he slid in and out of the woman. Her athletic ass tightened.

“Oh fuck,” the woman groaned.

Chen fucked her. The tail wrapped around his waist. The fur tickled his sides and he fucked faster.

Someone in a blue pressure suit stepped up beside Chen. It entered a muscular woman with the ceremonial scars of a Yazamite. Chen looked over and saw a ridged extension emerge from the pressure suit to enter the Yazamite’s vussy. He hoped it was armored or else the Yazamite vussy would crush it.

The woman Chen was fucking arched her back. A large black afro crowned her head. In front of the woman, two males were stroking their struts while a deeply tanned female stroked her vussy. The woman he was fucking must have been pretty to attract onlookers.

Chen didn’t care. He had her hips, her firm ass, her sexy tail and her tight vussy. That was all he needed.

He fucked her hard. The day’s frustrations came out in the fury of his fucking. He fucked her hard for the rude customers he dealt with. He fucked her hard for the number of times he had to explain the lube hose. He fucked her hard for the mess he had to clean up in the lube drain.

Chen had a lot of work stress to pound out and if this woman needed to stop, well, then were plenty of other waiting vussies at the Bar.

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